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Lighting product matrix

Lighting Product Matrix (Table)

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LEDs Supplier
Linear & Troffer
High Bay & Low Bay
Low Power
LUXEON 3014 Lumileds          
Mid Power
LUXEON 2835 Lumileds          
LUXEON 3020 Lumileds          
LUXEON 3030 2D Lumileds          
LUXEON 3535L Colors Lumileds          
3020 Series Seoul          
3030 Series Seoul          
3528 Series Seoul          
5630 Series Seoul          
WICOP - Z8Y11 Seoul      
High Power
LUXEON 5258 Lumileds          
LUXEON C Colors Lumileds        
LUXEON FlipChip UV Lumileds            
LUXEON FlipChip White Lumileds        
LUXEON HR30 Lumileds      
LUXEON M Lumileds        
LUXEON MZ Lumileds        
LUXEON Rebel & Rebel ES Color Lumileds          
LUXEON TX Lumileds        
LUXEON Z Lumileds          
LUXEON Z Colors Lumileds          
LUXEON Z ES Lumileds          
LUXEON Z UV Lumileds            
WICOP - Z8Y15 Seoul      
WICOP - Z8Y19 Seoul      
WICOP - Z8Y22 Seoul      
Z5M2 Seoul        
LUXEON CoB Compact Range Lumileds      
LUXEON CoB Core Range Lumileds      
LED Modules
LUXEON XF-3014 CV Lumileds            
LUXEON XR-3020     Lumileds        
LUXEON XR-3535L Lumileds        
LUXEON XR-M Lumileds            
LUXEON XR-TX Lumileds            




Avnet Silica offers a full range of lighting products to match your smart lighting requirements.

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Have a look of our linecard to see with which products we can support your lighting solutions.

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Lighting documentation

Product & Application Briefs

In the Lighting Documentation Center you find the according Product Briefs, Application Briefs and other Brochures related to the products shown in the product matrix table.

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