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Robust communications platforms

In today’s world, we expect instant access to everyone at any time. You’re building the systems and infrastructure to make this today’s reality and paving the way for an even more exciting future. The Avnet Silica team is right there with you. We speak your language across telecommunications, networking, unified communications, and content distribution.

Wired or wireless, mobile, video or text, live streaming or archived, broadcast or receive, in any and all combinations, Avnet Silica will guide you to the right solution and provide the support to make it happen.

The dominance of Ethernet

Ethernet underpins metropolitan networks that include residential, commercial, infrastructure, fixed line and mobile communications.

Historically most of the telecommunications network was based on SONET or SDH, however to reduce the costs and to commoditise the network Ethernet has been widely adopted. Ethernet itself is non deterministic in nature, so features like OAM, 1588 and sync have been added to improve the networks quality and performance.

These additions have helped Ethernet spread to nearly every market and product type Industrial, Military, Medical, Security, IOT, Telecommunications, Transport, Entertainment, Energy, Data Centres, Video and many more.

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Value added services

Backed by in-house experts and a deep online inventory, Avnet’s value-added services help you produce custom products without costly overhead.

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