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The automotive industry has changed a lot over the last few years, especially due to the progress of digital transformation like the tremendous speed of IT integration into the car. Today the industry is characterized by a rapidly increasing speed of innovation, which is driven by consumers’ desire for new features such as upgradeable cars, shared mobility and on-demand services. Market disruption is further fuelled by the emergence of new business models and market players – such as Uber and Google – changing the competitive landscape and diversifying the automotive revenue stream. These are just some of the reasons that the automotive industry is becoming more and more complex. 

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Our Automotive innovation network is the synapse for your success

Avnet Silica’s automotive division reinforces the next revolution in this growing industry, and shows how customers can stay ahead of the curve in fast-developing areas such as autonomous vehiclesthe connected car, security and eMobility. As an actor in this space, you can master the challenges and increase your competitive edge with Avnet Silica by your side.

As one of the industry’s leading distributors, Avnet Silica has extensive and profound experience in the automotive sector that stretches back many years. We work closely with our customers on excellent and high profile projects that will define the future of automotive – no wonder we are one of the most highly regarded support and supply partners in this market.

At Avnet Silica, we help you achieve your goals with an unique linecard offering the optimal mix of products from the world’s leading automotive suppliers and innovative pioneers of best-in-class solutions with our proven technical and commercial advice. You also benefit from Avnet Silica’s world-class support, logistics and programming services. In this environment of change, Avnet Silica demonstrates its capabilities as a proven partner for automotive solutions.

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Today’s key demands are for driver-assistance features aimed at improving safety as well as comfort. Through advanced sensing techniques, as well as improvements to traditional sensors and sensing mechanisms, better performance, greater accuracy and reliability, and valuable space savings are all brought within reach.



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Automotive Linecard

Have a look at our automotive linecard to check out which products we can offer for the solutions provided by Avnet Silica:

  • Automated car ADAS
  • In-vehicle networking
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Car efficiency
  • Infotainment
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Featured products

Allegro MicroSystems

ACS724 & ACS725

Automotive-grade, galvanically isolated current sensor IC with common-mode field rejection in a small-footprint SOIC8 package



Automotive-qualified 3D tracking and capacitive gesture controller

Microchip MGC3140

Prod Diodes AH33xxQ 376xQ (RM)

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AH336xQ and AH339xQ are new Automotive Compliant high- performance Unipolar Hall Effect sensors qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 0 with an extended temperature range of -40 to +150oC.



High-performance, high-precision barometric absolute pressure sensor consists of a compact capacitive MEMS device coupled with a digital IC.

NXP FXPS7115D4 Chip image

Prod Elmos E524.7x series (RM)

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E524.7x series

Integrated absolute pressure sensor with SPI/I2C/analog interface

Elmos E524.7X

Prod ON Semiconductor AR0820AT (RM)

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ON Semiconductor


The AR0820AT is a 1/2-inch CMOS digital image sensor with a 3848 H x 2168 V active-pixel array.

ON Semiconductor AR0820A product image



The new XENSIV™ TLE5501 angle sensor family achieves the highest highest automotive functional safety grade ASIL D for angle sensors with only one single sensor chip.

Infineon TLE5501 chip image

Prod STMicroelectronics AIS3624DQ (RM)

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Ultra-low-power high-performance three-axis accelerometer with a digital serial interface SPI standard output

STMicroelectornics AIS3624DQ
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Driving automotive technology further, faster with Maxim Integrated

To meet the consumer’s needs, manufacturers are now including advanced systems that employ the latest technologies in their vehicles. Maxim supplies a wide variety of automotive qualified ICs with a focus on power management, LED/Opto, Vehicle Networking, RF/Wireless and Analog products.

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AVS Automotive Safety security (LC)

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Safety and security in automotive

Besides autonomous driving, connected car and eMobility, security is now one of the most important topics in the automotive industry. The tremendous speed of IT integration into cars requires a rethinking of conventional solutions. Security plays a significant role for protect elements for interfaces to V2V, V2x or Telematics, secure gateways and transceivers which are operating the network plus protection of processors and car assess solutions. To ensure the data during networking and digitization, the entry point to the vehicle requires hardware protection, firewall, crypto-engine and car2cloud Security, all secured by authentication and encryption. 

As a global automotive player for security solutions, Avnet Silica provides high-quality products, services and solutions to meet your automotive needs.




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Automotive NXP Solutions (GBD)

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Security & Functional Safety in Automotive

Security requires a layered approach for connected vehicles in order to mitigate the risk of one component of the defense being compromised or circumvented.

Automotive Video Microchip (BV)

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Multi-touch & gesture

4-Layer cyber security

Automotive Video ON InCabin Monitoring (BV)

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In-Cabin Monitoring

Automotive Video domain gateway (BV)

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Domain gateway


Internet of Things

Avnet Silica has the perfect supplier offering to enable you to put your product development into the Internet of Things.


Embedded Vision

Visual inputs are the richest source of sensor information. Avnet Silica will provide you with insights into our expertise, image sensors, camera modules, processing engines and even full reference designs.


MCUs and MPUs

Microprocessors (MPU) and microcontrollers (MCU) are available in data widths from 8 to 64 bits, targeting a variety of both generalist and specialist applications.

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