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AVS Aerospace Defence Intro (MM)

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When we talk about Aerospace and Defence, in today’s world, we mean the commercial avionic, space and defence business. These are all demanding industries each with their own unique technical and commercial challenges. Today we take for granted a flight on a new efficient aeroplane or an internet connection in a remote location but behind these technical achievements stands a dedicated group of customers and suppliers. 

Whether it is ground based, sea based, avionic or space, whether is an earth observation satellite, a telecomm or Global Positioning Satellite or even a trip to Mars and beyond - Avnet Silica has a wide range of products and expertise to support your needs. We offer the very best in technical and commercial support combined with world class logistics. Space graded parts and other semiconductor products supplied by Avnet Silica can be found in many applications where highest reliability is a must.

We are the partner of most of the biggest component suppliers to this markets enabling us to support a complete system level solution to our defence customers.    

Aerospace Defence Linecard (MM)

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Aerospace and Defence linecard and capability insights

Whether it is ground based, sea based, avionic or space, wheather is an earth observation satellite, a telecomm or Global Positioning Satellite or even a trip to Mars and beyond - Avnet Silica supplies parts for applications where very high reliability and radiation requirements are a must.

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High Rel Related Products (LC)

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Related products

Prod Teledyne e2v EV12AD550 (RM)

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Teledyne e2v


EV12AD550A is the first ever dual channel, S-band capable, space grade ADC designed to offer system simplification and cost reduction in space applications.

Teledyne e2v EV12AD550 product image

Prod Idemia Trusted Objects TO136 (RM)

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Idemia & Trusted Objects


TO136 is the lowest power certified tiny secure element in the market. Coming with a fully customisable personalisation scheme and command-set, starting at the lowest volumes in the industry.

Prod Microchip Aerospace Rad Hard (RM)

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Aerospace Rad Hard

Microchip use the latest innovative commercial technologies like 8-bit AVR® MCUs and Microchip ǀ SMART ARM®-based MCUs) and adapting them to rad-hard applications requirements.

Western Digital

Industrial SD Cards

Sandisk introduces second generation industrial cards featuring high endurance, improved power drop immunity, health monitoring, extended temperature and longer lifecycle.

SanDisk Industrial SDcards samples

Prod Renesas ISL71610M/ISL71710M (RM)

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Intersil-Renesas' digital isolators aid in the design of discrete isolated power supply designs as well as isolated serial communications interfaces. There is a tremendous need for reliable isolator products in the satellite market.


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1Gbit DDR3 device which is organized as 64Mbx16, packaged in a 96-ball BGA, and operates at 1.5V.

Prod GSI Technology Rad-Hard SRAMs (RM)

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GSI Technology

Rad-Hard & Rad-Tolerant SRAMs

GSI Technology is excited to introduce several new high performance Radiation-Hardened synchronous SRAMs, SigmaQuad-II+ and SyncBurst & NBT families of products.

GSI Technology Rad-Hard SRAMs sample product image

Prod Microchip SAMV71Q21RT ARM Microcontroller (RM)

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SAMV71Q21RT ARM Microcontroller

The SAM V71Q21RT is a radiation tolerant microcontroller (MCU) providing the best combination of connectivity interfaces along with highest processing levels.

Mirochip SAMV71Q21RT product image

Spot Supply Chain Solutions (GBD)

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Supply Chain Solutions

Our industry-recognised supply chain experts can help you assess your supply chain health and manage future expansion.

spot-value-added-services (GB)

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Value-added Services

Backed by in-house experts and a deep online inventory, Avnet’s value-added services help you produce custom products without costly overhead.


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