Security By Design for Embedded Systems

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Security By Design for Embedded Systems

29 Sep 2020 - 03 Nov 2020


A day of practical guidance

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We invite you to join our virtual event!

Take the opportunity to learn how to design a secure system that meets standardization and legislative requirements. Learn how to achieve security-by-design in embedded systems. The world's leading suppliers present practical real-world solutions you can benefit from.

The market demand to trust field data is rapidly expanding, and security requirements in embedded systems are rising significantly. As the European Commission and other standardisation bodies realise this, the work of creating frameworks and standards for certification of secure embedded products begins. 

The question is how to put high-end security in low-performance devices and end nodes while maintaining the required certification and standardization? This seminar day will focus on the embedded market, and this is a necessity for modern business cases and relies on finding the right balance between security, power, cost, time to market, and other factors.

We want to provide you with a good starting point to design security into your product or production, by introducing the top suppliers in embedded security, sharing practical experience and presenting technical solutions that you can use today.

Dates & Times:

November 3rd, 2020 starting at 09:30 AM CET > REGISTER HERE 



09:30 Welcome - Security for Embedded Systems (Avnet Silica) Martin Milter Bay
10:00 Get familiar with the European Cyber Security Act (Avnet Silica) Martin Milter Bay
10:45 Make Your Embedded Design UNBREAKABLE by using PUF Technology (Maxim Integrated) Stephane Di Vito
11:15 BREAK
11:30 Microsoft Azure Sphere Technology – End-to-end Security from Sensor to Cloud (Avnet Silica) Martin Grossen
12:00 State of the Art Security Features in NXP’s Microcontrollers and Secure Elements. Future Proof Solutions for Cybersecurity (NXP) Massimo Incerti
12:30 LUNCH
13:15 Security Solutions Based on General Purpose STM32 MCUs for Secure Boot, Root of Trust and Field Firmware Updates Scenarios in the Industrial Market (STMicroelectronics) Marcus Woxulv
13:45 Building Hassle Free Secure and Compliant IoT End-nodes (Microchip) Ronny Tittoto
14:15 Tux Armored - How TPMs Help to Improve System-Level Security in GNU/Linux (Avnet Silica) Michael Röder
14:45 A Practical Example of Security by Design for Embedded IoT Devices (ZHAW) Mario Noseda
15:15 Summary and Next Steps (Avnet Silica) Martin Milter Bay
15:30 END


SESSION 1 (9:30-10:00)

Welcome - Security for embedded systems

We will introduce you to Security for Embedded electronics, and why it is critical to ensure the security of your business information, intellectual property and the data of your customers. We will discuss security as a process and why it is important in order to secure your systems. We will also briefly discuss modern threat vectors, and perhaps more importantly we want to enable you to do that analysis for your specific system. This will help you to understand your requirements better, so you may take full advantage of the solutions and technology presented during the course of the day. 


SESSION 2 (10:00 – 10:45)

Get familiar with the European Cyber Security Act

The EU Cybersecurity Act introduces for the first time an EU-wide cybersecurity certification framework for ICT (Information, communication Technology) products, services and processes. Companies doing business in the EU will benefit from having to certify their ICT products, processes and services only once and see their certificates recognized across the European Union.

During this short session, we will explain the concepts of the EU Cyber security act, how it works and how it plays with standardizations and certification procedures. We will also make a link to practical approaches that links the theoretical framework to actual implementation using hardware and software.


SESSION 3 (10:45 – 11:15)

Make your embedded design UNBREAKABLE by using PUF Technology

In increasingly connected world requires increasingly powerful hardware security. With the introduction of PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) it is now possible to satisfy this need with reasonable cost and effort.

In this session you will: 

  • Learn how an effective hardware PUF implementation can overcome the limitations of conventional key storage
  • Get knowledge about basic theory behind PUF, how it is implemented on the hardware level and how reliable this implementation is 
  • Learn how easy you can secure an embedded device by using a PUF based device 
  • Explore application examples (server connection, medical devices, etc.) and how PUF devices are implemented to secure them 
  • Q&A with Maxim Integrated Expert Stephane di Vito


SESSION 4 (11:30 – 12:00)

Microsoft Azure Sphere Technology – End-to-end Security from Sensor to Cloud

Highly-secured solution based on a unique microcontroller that includes a secure operating system combined with cloud services. These three parts are defining a new industrial security standard for IoT devices. In this speech, you will get a short and crisp overview about the new Azure Sphere technology.


SESSION 5 (12:00 – 12:30)

State of the art security features in NXP’s Microcontrollers and Secure Elements. Future proof solutions for cybersecurity

Cyber Security is becoming more and more relevant in the IoT and Industrial space, we can see that from the emerging standard and certifications available on the market. In this session, we will see how NXP Semiconductors is uniquely positioned on the market to offer state of the art hardware, secure processors and secure elements that can be combined to offer very high security standards in industrial and IoT applications.


SESSION 6 (13:15 – 13:45)

Security solutions based on general purpose STM32 MCUs for secure boot, root of trust and field firmware updates scenarios in the industrial market

In this presentation, we will give you an overview of the building blocks of STM32Trust -  a robust multi-level strategy to enhance security in new product designs, using our STM32 microcontrollers augmented with STSAFE secure elements.


SESSION 7 (13:45 - 14:15)

Building hassle free Secure and Compliant IoT end-nodes

How to accelerate Secure embedded designs with Microchip’s IoT Cloud agnostic smart connected secure reference platforms and design tools which cover simple to complex end-node applications. Microchip can easily get you from concept to production utilizing our market leading Trust Platform Secure Provisioning service. Easy to implement from as low as 10 nodes to high volume. You don’t need to be a security expert to design a compliant node with Microchip solutions.


SESSION 8 (14:15 – 14:45)

Tux Armored - How TPMs help to improve system-level security in GNU/Linux

This presentation introduces Hardware Security Modules, found in many modern SoC chips and how they work together with an external Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to increase the level of security.  It will also discuss their advantages and disadvantages for certain use cases by evaluating scenarios such as encrypted, authenticated and measured boot over the various boot stages and the use of hardware security both in the Linux kernel and GNU/Linux user space. Solutions to specific use cases, and their applications in Avnet Silica’s trusted hardware security implementation, are presented, showing how combinations of hardware security technologies and software algorithms create best-in-class solutions.


SESSION 9 (14:45 – 15:15)

A practical example of Security by Design for Embedded IoT Devices 

The presentation introduces a systematic process to identify threats, derive security requirements and implement effective protection measures. The example of a simple Wi-Fi based sensor illustrates this design process. We demonstrate how the interaction of Secure Microcontrollers and Secure Elements together with dedicated firmware and a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enable a low-power sensor to connect securely to the cloud.


SESSION 10 (15:15 – 15:30)

Summary and Next Steps

For the last session, we are recapping the event, presenting a short outline of the topics discussed, as well as take time for some final questions. We will also provide clear guidance on the next steps for engaging with us, whether you are implementing security from scratch or further develop security in your embedded system.

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Security By Design for Embedded Systems | Avnet Silica

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