How to start with Azure Sphere

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How to start with Azure Sphere

12 Sep 2019 - 31 Mar 2020

online, on-demand

Microsoft has introduced a comprehensive Internet of Things security initiative called Azure Sphere, with the goal of improving security for microcontroller units and an emphasis on an open ecosystem. Learn in this webinar how a simple MCU solution can submit data highly secured to the cloud without taking care about the security! We will cover the technology, the hardware and the software development part as well as a short look into Microsoft’s IoT Central SaaS solution on Azure.



Key learnings

  • ​High secure MCU connectivity to the cloud
  • Technology behind Azure Sphere
  • Hardware available for Azure Sphere
  • Software development in Visual Studio
  • Work with the data in the Azure cloud

Webinar outline

  • 15 Min.: Azure Sphere Technology Overview
  • 10 Min.: About the Azure Sphere Starter Kit and how to set up the development environment
  • 10 Min.: How to develop on the Azure Sphere MCU platform in Visual Studio
  • 10 Min.: Our data on the Azure cloud: IoT Central
  • 10 Min:  Q&A

Please fill out the form below to register for the webinar. It will also be available on-demand after September 12, 2019. 

Martin Grossen

Presented by

Martin Grossen, Manager Supplier Development at Avnet Silica and Microsoft MVP 

Martin Grossen has more than 25 years of experience with embedded systems. After successfully completing his studies at the Higher Technical College (HTL) in Biel (Switzerland), he worked as a development engineer in the industrial PC industry.

With many years of hardware and software experience, Martin switched to distribution and passed on his knowledge as Field Application Engineer (FAE) to numerous industrial projects and received the title "Microsoft FAE of the year 2000".

Now he is responsible for the Microsoft Embedded Channel in Europe at Avnet Silica as franchise manager and technical expert. 

Registration for the on-demand webinar

Please fill out the form below. A couple of minutes after you submitted your registration, you will receive a link to the on-demand version of the webinar.


Webinar: How to start with Microsoft Azure Sphere | Avnet Silica

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