C++ Programming for Embedded Systems

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C++ Programming for Embedded Systems

21 Oct 2019 - 25 Oct 2019

Norway, Oslo

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C++ has been a popular general purpose programming language for many years. Recent developments in microcontroller technology (such as Arm® Cortex®-M), increasing application complexity and enhancements made in the C++ 2011 standard mean that C++ is now replacing C as the preferred language for many embedded systems.

This course teaches the C++ programming language in the context of real-time and embedded systems. It highlights the resource and performance implications of using key C++ features and programming styles. As well as giving delegates an in-depth understanding of the C++ programming language, this course provides practical experience of programming a modern embedded microcontroller using real-time development tools. It is a direct replacement for a general class in C++ programming, with the added benefit that the syllabus, contextual examples and exercises are tuned to the requirements of the Embedded System and System-on-Chip communities.

Although C++ for Embedded Systems focuses on the C++ language features that are appropriate for "bare metal" systems or those using a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), the course is also suitable for anyone wishing to learn C++ to develop applications within an Embedded Linux environment – C++ features such as stream-based I/O that are generally only used with complex operating systems are included in an optional module that can be presented if there is sufficient time and interest.

The workshops are based around carefully designed exercises programming and debugging a real embedded system to reinforce and challenge the extent of learning, and comprise approximately 50% of class time.

Who should attend?

C++ for Embedded Systems is aimed at electronic hardware, software and system-on-chip engineers who need to gain a working knowledge of the C++ language to build an embedded system. The course is also suitable as a general introduction to C++ programming, particularly for anyone working in an electronics-related business area or with a background in digital electronics.

What will you learn?

  • The syntax and semantics of the C++ language (including C++11)
  • The principles of object-oriented modelling, embedded software programming and real-time programming
  • How to program an embedded microcontroller in C++
  • A practical introduction to real-time development tools
  • How to debug a C++ program on a target device
  • How to access memory-mapped peripherals using C++
  • How to write interrupt handlers in C++
  • An introduction to real-time operating systems and scheduling
  • Best practices for embedded programming


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Doulos Embedded C++ Programming for Embedded Systems | Avnet Silica

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