Automotive 48V Power Supply Systems - Conference

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Automotive 48V Power Supply Systems - Conference

11 Nov 2019 - 14 Nov 2019

Germany, Berlin

I&M  - Ides in Motion InfineonNXP ON Semiconductor STMicroelectronics

Avnet Silica attends the world's largest and longest running international conference with a pure focus on 48V case studies and experiences - meet us there!

After several years of investigating, planning, and optimizing the technology, 48V powered mild-hybrid cars are finally becoming a reality. Various OEMs are putting models– and not only in the premium segment – on the market. The next stage is to determine what more is possible and how to make this technology a standard for the mass consumer market.

Why attend the conference?

  •  Understand the latest developments of 48 Volt power supply systems
  •  Get an overview of the current status of the ISO workgroup for 48V standardization
  •  Discuss innovative concepts to guarantee reliable energy supply of the 48V system
  •  Gain insight into the next steps of 48V hybridization and electrification as a cost effective approach to reduce fuel consumption
  •  Learn about protective devices for 48V power nets
  •  Understand the world wide approval of automotive 48 Volt power supply systems
  •  Discover the latest innovations for semiconductors
  •  Explore the first experiences of the serial production results of 48V technology
  •  Learn about how to integrate 48V power net into a multi-voltage system

To download the preliminary agenda, click here

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Conference Automotive 48 V Power Supply Systems | Avnet Silica

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