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Learning for better, faster projects builds.

Tap these professional development opportunities to network and learn from your peers, as well as experts in the industry who’ve “done it before.” Connect with the Avnet Silica experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.

2018-11 Xilinx Seminar Image Processing DE

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Image Processing Solutions for Xilinx Seminar

20 Sep 2018 - 22 Nov 2018
Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations

​Ein Anwendungsgebiet, in dem FPGAs, SoCs und MPSoCs sehr erfolgreich eingesetzt werden, ist die Bildverarbeitung. In diesem Seminar stellen wir Ihnen Designtools von Xilinx vor, die bei der Entwicklung von Bildverarbeitungssystemen helfen.

2018-12 Breda Technical Seminar 2018

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Breda Technical Seminar 2018

12 Dec 2018 - 12 Dec 2018
Breda, Netherlands

Join the annual Technical Seminar hosted by Avnet Abacus and Avnet Silica and gain an overview of both active and passive novelties.

2018-12 Functional Safety Seminar

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Functional Safety Seminar

12 Dec 2018 - 12 Dec 2018
Schkeuditz, Germany

Wir bieten Ihnen zusammen mit unseren Partnern Renesas und MESCO in dem Seminar die Grundlagen und Lösungen zur Entwicklung von Produkten nach IEC61508 an.

2018-12 Infineon TUX Armored Workshop

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TUX Armored – Sicherheit durch Infineon OPTIGA™ TPM in GNU/LINUX Systemen

10 Dec 2018 - 13 Dec 2018
Germany, Multiple Locations

In diesem Hands-on Workshop diskutieren wir die Verwendung von TPMs im Bootprozess und für konkrete Anwendungen unter u-boot und GNU/Linux.

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Event Name Location Start Date End Date Supplier Action
Microchip SAMA5 SOM hands-on training Turkey, Istanbul 2018/12/04 2018/12/05 Microchip /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/microchip-sama5-som-hands-on-training-turkey self
Cloud in 10 Minutes based on AE-Cloud1 Kit Dortmund, Germany 2018/11/28 2018/11/28 Renesas /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/renesas-cloud-in-10 self
Xilinx Developer Forum Frankfurt, Germany 2018/12/10 2018/12/10 Xilinx blank
NXP Introduces i.MX RT 1060 France, Paris 2018/11/27 2018/11/27 NXP /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/nxp-product-presentation-paris self
Industrial Automation Solutions Rothrist, Switzerland 2018/11/22 2018/11/22 Renesas /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/renesas-industrial-automation-solutions self
Image Processing Solutions for Xilinx Seminar Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations 2018/9/20 2018/11/22 Xilinx /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/image-processing-solutions-seminar-xilinx self
Breda Technical Seminar 2018 Breda, Netherlands 2018/12/12 2018/12/12 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/breda-technical-seminar-2018 self
Embedded Linux Training in Norway Asker, Norway 2018/12/10 2018/12/13 Doulos blank
Functional Safety Seminar Schkeuditz, Germany 2018/12/12 2018/12/12 Renesas, Mesco Engineering /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/functional-safety-seminar self
TUX Armored – Sicherheit durch Infineon OPTIGA™ TPM in GNU/LINUX Systemen Germany, Multiple Locations 2018/12/10 2018/12/13 Infineon Technologies /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/tux-armored self
A Morning for NB-IoT France, Toulouse 2018/12/06 2018/12/06 Quectel, SFR Bussines /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/nbiot-toulouse self