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Learning for better, faster projects builds.

Tap these professional development opportunities to network and learn from your peers, as well as experts in the industry who’ve “done it before.” Connect with the Avnet Silica experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.


Sensing Discovery Days | Avnet Silica

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Sensing Discovery Days

13 Oct 2020 - 15 Dec 2020

Do you have a new use case, or pain points to solve? Take the opportunity to join the series, and be updated on Sensing in different fields like Smart Industry, Smart City, Bio and Image Sensing!

Smart Industry Day | Avnet Silica

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Smart Industry Day

01 Oct 2020 - 21 Oct 2020

Together with our key suppliers and partners, we give you an overview on those new key technologies and solutions and the benefits for industrial use cases and applications.

Security By Design for Embedded Systems | Avnet Silica

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Security By Design for Embedded Systems

29 Sep 2020 - 03 Nov 2020

Take the opportunity to learn how to design a secure system that meets standardization and legislative requirements. Learn how to achieve security-by-design in embedded systems. The world's leading suppliers present practical real-world solutions you can benefit from.

LoRaWAN Discovery Tour | Avnet Silica

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LoRaWAN® Discovery Tour

08 Sep 2020 - 08 Oct 2019

Join us for one of our LIVE online sessions to learn more about LoRaWAN, and how to check your LoRaWAN use case with a hands-on demo.

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Event Name Location Start Date End Date Supplier Action
3 Ways to Make Your System More Robust online, on-demand 2019/12/04 2020/9/30 Maxim Integrated blank
70% Less Power – Why Dialog’s FusionHD Flash is Vital for Your Next Project online 2020/10/08 2020/10/08 Dialog Semiconductor /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/dialog-70-percent-less-power self
AC power control: configurable / flexible / robust hardware based controller solutions online 2020/10/20 2020/10/20 Dialog Semiconductor /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/dialog-ac-power-control self
Digital Isolator or Optocoupler? Advantages and Disadvantages of each Isolation Technology online 2020/10/29 2020/10/29 ON Semiconductor /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/digital-isolator-or-optocoupler self
Embedded Knowhow Live Online Workshops online 2020/9/22 2020/9/22 Doulos Embedded /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/embedded-knowhow self
Embedded Vision Summit online 2020/9/15 2020/9/25 Multiple suppliers blank
FPGA Conference Europe 2020 online 2020/9/29 2020/9/30 Multiple suppliers blank
WEBINAR: Learn about NXP’s Battery Management Solutions online 2020/10/14 2020/10/14 NXP /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/nxp-battery-management-solutions self
LoRaWAN® Discovery Tour online 2020/9/08 2019/10/08 Renesas, Semtech, Miromico /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/lorawan-discovery-tour self
Webinar: Silicon Carbide Solutions for Electrical Vehicles online 2020/9/10 2020/12/31 ON Semiconductor /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/webinar-sic-solutions-evehicles self
Webinar: ON Semiconductor’s In-Vehicle Networking Portfolio online 2020/7/27 2020/12/31 ON Semiconductor /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/on-semiconductor-in-vehicle-networking-portfolio self
Online Training with Microchip – IoT & Cybersecurity – Human Machine Interface (Italian) online, on-demand 2020/7/14 2020/9/30 Microchip /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/online-training-with-microchip-cybersecurity-hmi self
Security By Design for Embedded Systems online 2020/9/29 2020/11/03 Multiple suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/security-by-design-for-embedded-systems self
Sensing Discovery Days online 2020/10/13 2020/12/15 Multiple suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/sensing-discovery-days self
Smart Industry Day online 2020/10/01 2020/10/21 Multiple suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/smart-industry-day self
Avnet Silica's Space Special online, on-demand 2020/7/09 2020/12/31 Xilinx, Renesas, Teledyne e2v /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/space-special self
Webinar - Stratégies d’optimisation de la consommation et de l’autonomie des objets connectés alimentés sur batterie online, on-demand 2020/4/28 2020/9/30 Avnet Silica /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/webinar-batterie-object-connecte self
Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Application Testing, Translating Tests to Operational Reliability Online, on-demand 2020/9/18 2020/12/31 ON Semiconductor self
How to start with Azure Sphere online, on-demand 2019/9/12 2020/9/30 Microsoft /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/how-to-start-with-azure-sphere-webinar self
Smart electric motor control online, on-demand 2020/7/23 2020/12/31 Multiple suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/smart-electric-motor-control self
Online Training: MCU Voice Solutions and MCU Vision Solutions with NXP online, on-demand 2020/5/05 2020/9/30 Avnet Silica and NXP /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/webinar-mcu-voice-mcu-vision self
Xilinx Solutions for Avionics & Multicore Certification online 2020/9/24 2019/9/24 Xilinx /wps/portal/silica/resources/training-and-events/event/xilinx-solutions-for-avionics-multicore-certification self