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Avnet Silica presents Smart Industry - the new IoT Business Magazine. Featuring perspectives, case studies and products of innovative ventures and pioneers in IoT technology, Smart Industry offers insight into what's happening now and what is likely to happen in the future. It also discusses strategies of IoT transformation and how important IoT readiness is to a successful business model.

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IoT made in China - the race is on! IoT applications are well integrated into China's daily life. They are found in solutions that reduce pollution, prevent bicycle theft and monitor agricultural crops in remote regions. In cities, buses and trains are on the go with embedded IoT technology, while fleets of smart bikes whisk people through congested traffic. China is betting big on IoT with huge investments. Does the rapid rise of China's IoT ability mean the country will dominate the sector? Not necessarily.

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Conneceted China

IoT Made in China: The Race Is On

IoT Made in China: The country is betting big on Internet of Things with huge investments in cutting edge technologies. Does this mean it will come to dominate the industry? And should the West be worried?

Smart Supply Chain

Connected Homes: Almost there!

The smart home industry continues to evolve along the lines of connectivity and interoperability but many challenges remain. As the industry moves from closed to open ecosystems, business models will be freed up and continue to grow rapidly.

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Voice interface and Amazon's IoT Strategy

IoT & Commercial Insurance: Disruption insured

Digital disruption is about to hit commercial insurers full force as the industry prepares to undergo major transformation. IoT will be at the heart of many of the new initiatives.

Security Guards for Connected Devices

Device Security: Race to the Edge

Analytics services are moving to the edge but ensuring the physical security of edge devices can be a real headache.

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