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Avnet Silica presents Smart Industry - the new IoT Business Magazine. Featuring perspectives, case studies and products of innovative ventures and pioneers in IoT technology, Smart Industry offers insight into what's happening now and what is likely to happen in the future. It also discusses strategies of IoT transformation and how important IoT readiness is to a successful business model.

2nd edition of Smart Industry is available:

IoT - "everbody is doing it!" says Professor Detlef Zuehlke, the scientifc director of the German Center for Artifcial Intelligence in the second edition of Smart Industry - the IoT Business Magazine. For him the most exciting part of creating the Internet of Things is "the way our vision of connecting just about everything will impact the worldwide economy as well as benefiting society. In the beginning, people smiled when we talked about smart factories, then they dismissed it as hype. Now everybody is either doing it or starting to think seriously about it." 

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Blockchain Revolution: The Internet Unchained

The technology behind Bitcoin – Blockchain – is powering a wave of startups and promising experiments across the business and tech sector. It’s not only changing money, it’s changing the world.

Tesla Gigafactory: Thinking Big

It’s hard to find a big company as innovative and, consequently, unconventional as Tesla. We take a close look at how it is building the factory of tomorrow in the Nevada Desert, and its plans for other 'Gigafactories' elsewhere.

3D Printing: From Toy to Tools

How 3D Printing is changing the way things are made: Improvements in materials, precision and printing methods are rapidly and radically transforming the way almost every kind of product can be manufactured by just adding one layer after the other.

Google IoT: The Grand Vision

Throughout its 20 years of existence, Google’s strategy has evolved around its search engine. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are two new topics Google’s holding company Alphabet is now pursuing as part of its IoT strategy.

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