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Avnet Silica presents Smart Industry - the new IoT Business Magazine. Featuring perspectives, case studies and products of innovative ventures and pioneers in IoT technology, Smart Industry offers insight into what's happening now and what is likely to happen in the future. It also discusses strategies of IoT transformation and how important IoT readiness is to a successful business model.

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In 1999, the term Internet of Things (IoT) was used for the very first time by Kevin Ashton "Inventor of IoT". He coined the phrase when describing a system where the Internet is connected to the physical world via ubiquitous sensors. In the interview for the third edition of Smart Industry - the IoT Business magazine, he explains how IoT is more than a buzzword, how companies can win with IoT and what the next big thing is to come after IoT. 

Visit to read the full interview and for more business opinions and insights, as well as access to the most powerful IoT strategies, companies, people and ideas. 

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Self-driving cars

Self-Driving Cars: Getting there

Autonomous cars, trucks, and taxis are arriving much faster than anyone expected but are we ready for them? What roads will they drive on? And what happens if a self-driving car is forced to make a snap life-or-death decision?

Is Europe ready?

IoT, is Europe up to it?

The Internet of Things is reshaping the world. Just how well is Europe prepared and which countries are best positioned to reap the benefits?

Robot 2020: Join the conversation

Robots are not what they used to be: Instead of humanoids, the next generation of robots will look more like a can of sardines. Will we talk to them - almost constantly?

Smart Airports - IoT takes off

Smart Airports: IoT Is taking off

Airports are a massive part of the economy and key players in regional growth. They must not just get bigger, but also smarter.

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