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Register here for four full-day sessions of the MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshops™

Attendees must have a laptop, MiniZed board and TE Connectivity Pmod to participate in the workshop labs.

MiniZed board and TE Connectivity Pmod and 4 full-day workshops: 201,70 €

If you only want to join one full-day session (130,25 €)*, click here. Alternatively, you can register for two full-day sessions (155,70€)* or three full-day sessions (180,70€)*.

Please select the individual sessions carefully and make sure that you

  • do not select the same session more than once 
  • do not select sessions which take place at the same day.

*Prices include MiniZed board, TE Connectivity Pmod and the number of full-day sessions you choose.

Overview: SpeedWays Design Workshops

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