Simplifying IoT Security - TechDays

12 Sep 2017 - 16 Nov 2017

Pan-European, Multiple Dates

Security TechDays Partners

Bridging the gap between low-power embedded and IT security

In the past 15 years, enterprise Information Technology (IT) architects have successfully upgraded their security schemes from an all-wired world based on desktop computers to all-wireless-mobile laptop and smartphone fleets without compromising on security and even improving it. A similar evolution is happening now:  beyond laptops and smartphones, industries are looking to connect many devices, machines and objects to application servers through private and public networks.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of questions we will address during this free seminar:

  • What kind of security does an IT director expect from a device connecting to his servers?
  • What is the technology under the “S” in HTTPS or MQTTS?
  • What is an X.509 certificate?
  • How to simply protect my brand against low-cost competition?
  • How to simply detect misusage of a product so as not to guarantee blindly?
  • What is the Trusted Computer Group?
  • Can we perform the same level of security on non-IP Local Area Networks like we do on the Internet?
  • What is end-to-end security?
  • What is a secure element?
  • What is a key ceremony?
  • Are there solutions to properly secure devices operating on SIGFOX and LoRa Alliance networks?
  • What is a Key Management Service?


Dates & Locations

Date City Venue Registration
13 Jun 17 Milan Hotel Ramada Plaza Milano - Via Stamira d Ancona - 20127 Milano Registration closed
United Kingdom
12 Sep 17 Newport Pagnell Harben House Hotel, Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 9EY Register here
18 Oct 17 Warsaw Marriott Hotel , Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 , Warsaw 00-697 Poland Register here
Czech Republic
19 Oct 17 Prague Konferenční centrum GreenPoint , Dvouletky 529/ 42 , Praha 100 00 Czech Republic Register here
07 Nov 17 Marseille La Coque - Place Henri Verneuil - 13002 Marseille Register here




08:30 - Registration and coffee
09:00 - Avnet Silica Introduction: what is IoT security about?
Use cases and the importance of end-to-end
09:30 - Avnet Legal Intellectual property protection
09:50 - Maxim Integrated TLS: Transport Layer Security for end-to-end IP security 
10:10 - Microchip Authenticating to a local host or a distant AWS server
10:30 - Break
10:50 - STMicroelectronics The general purpose secure element: MCU’s best friend
11:10 - Infineon The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) secure element for Linux systems
11:30 - NXP The secure processor
11:50 - Trusted Objects Security for LoRa and SIGFOX networks
12:10 - Morpho Certification Authority and Key Management Services for all
12:30 - Avnet Silica End-to-end security solutions with Visible Things™
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Demos, open discussions, questions to presenters



Guillaume Crinon
Email: Guillaume.Crinon(at)

To register please select the registration link for the date & location you prefer in the table above.

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