2017-12 Designing your isolated system

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Designing Your Isolated System

31 Oct 2017 - 13 Dec 2017

Pan-European, Multiple Dates

  Seminar presented by Maxim Integrated  

How to develop standards-compliant isolated data and power designs

Designing an isolated system can be a challenge, especially when you need to align and comply with specific standards commonly used in industrial, medical, communications and data-center domains. You not only have to isolate the data-path signals, but also other subsystems such as power and communications. This seminar is geared toward designers who have to select the right components to develop such isolated systems.

There is a general move away from opto-couplers traditionally used for data-path isolation in favor of digital isolation. In this seminar, you’ll learn about digital isolation and designing isolated power subsystems without the use of optocouplers from Dr. Martin Moerz, a system design consultant with more than 20 years of industrial and medical system design experience. Get a deeper understanding of the various system-level standards that an isolated system must comply with and relate these standards back to the components’ datasheet specifications.

If your next design involves isolation and you want to learn how to make it right from the beginning while using start-of-the-art solutions available in the semiconductor space, this seminar is definitely for you!

High-level agenda*

Part 1 – The Basics:
  • Methods for signal isolation
  • Definition of isolation, clearance and creepage, classification of electrical circuits with hazardous and safe voltage
  • Guidelines and standards
Part 2 – Using Digital Isolators in Your System:
  • How to select a digital isolator: requirements governed by signal integrity and/or functional aspects
  • Caveats when using digital isolators
  • Maxim’s isolation technology and device portfolio
Part 3 – Design of an Isolated System with Measurements:
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Creepage and clearance on PCBs, layer stack, and dielectric strength of core/prepregs
  • Isolated power converters
  • Measurements on Digital Isolators, high-performance acquisition front-end and power


Duration of the Seminar: 9am – approx. 4pm (lunch will be provided)

*Presentation material will be in English. Parts of the presentation may be in local language.

Dates & Locations

Date City Venue Registration
United Kingdom
21 Nov 17 Cambridge area Granta Centre, Granta Park, Gt Abington, Cambridge, CB21 6AL Registration is closed.
23 Nov 17 Stockholm Avnet Silica office, Löfströms Allé 5, S-17266 Sundbyberg Registration is closed.
27 Nov 17 Barcelona Catalonia Barcelona Plaza -Plaza España 6-8 - 08014 Barcelona Registration is closed.
30 Nov 17 Warsaw RadissonBlu Sobieski, plac Zawiszy 1, PL- 02-025 Warszawa Registration is closed.
05 Dec 17 Lyon Avnet Silica Office, Parc Club du Moulin à Vent, Bât 10, 33 rue du Dr. G. Lévy, F-69693 Vénissieux Cedex Registration is closed.
13 Dec 17 Milan Hotel Crowne Plaza Milan Linate, Via K. Adenauer 3 |20097 San Donato Milanese Register here

To ensure that everyone receives attention, there is a limit of 30 attendees per location.

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2017-12 Designing your isolated system

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