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Learning for better, faster projects builds.

Tap these professional development opportunities to network and learn from your peers, as well as experts in the industry who’ve “done it before.” Connect with the Avnet Silica experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.

2017-04- LoRa Technology-Workshop-DE

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LoRa® Workshop presented by Avnet Silica Innovation Circle

29 Nov 2016 - 18 May 2017
Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations

Our 2nd Innovation Circle will focus on LoRa™ technology &LoRaWAN networks. We prepared a comprehensive program for you together with our partners. (Seminar & details in German)

Sigfox – atelier ON Semiconductor

25 Apr 2017 - 25 Apr 2017
Rennes, France

Avnet Silica et ON Semiconductor vous invitent le Mardi 25 Avril au Workshop ON Semiconductor sur ses solutions Sigfox.

2016 2017 Xilinx Webinar Video Surveillance Vision with Precision

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Vision with precision webinar: video surveillance

05 Oct 2016 - 31 May 2017
Online, on demand

In this Webinar, Xilinx will present critical challenges facing developers of advanced surveillance systems with emphasis on when to localize real time image processing at the edge or in the cloud.

Simplifying IoT Security - TechDay

16 May 2017 - 16 Nov 2017
Pan-European, Multiple Dates

Laptops and smartphones, industries are looking to connect many devices, machines and objects to application servers through private and public networks. Learn how to bridge the gap between low-power embedded and IT security.

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Event Name Location Start Date End Date Supplier Action
Vision with precision webinar: video surveillance Online, on demand 2016/10/05 2017/5/31 Xilinx
Vision with Precision Webinar: Vision Guided Robotics & Drone Applications Online, on demand 2016/9/01 2017/5/31 Xilinx
Xilinx VIVADO XDC & STA Seminar Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations 2017/4/26 2017/11/16 Xilinx
Image Processing Solutions for Xilinx Seminar Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations 2017/5/04 2017/11/07 Xilinx
Miniaturizing IoT Designs - Webinar Online, on demand 2017/1/11 2017/4/30 Silicon Labs
Webinar: "How are you meeting your IoT implementation challenges?" Online 2017/4/27 2017/4/27 Infineon
Exhibition for Information and Communication Technology Expocentre Moscow, Russia 2017/4/26 2017/4/26 /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/registration/svjaz-2017-ru/
Getting started with Xilinx Zynq SoC Fribourg, Switzerland 2017/4/26 2017/4/26 Xilinx /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/xilinx-zynq-seminar-switzerland
OPC UA & TSN - Connectivity for Smart Factory Automation Online, On Demand 2017/2/14 2017/7/30 Xilinx
LoRa® Workshop presented by Avnet Silica Innovation Circle Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations 2016/11/29 2017/5/18 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/lora-technology-workshop-avs-innocation-circle
Sigfox – atelier ON Semiconductor Rennes, France 2017/4/25 2017/4/25 ON Semiconductor /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/solutions-sigfox-on-semiconductor-seminar-france
Einkäuferseminar Leipzig Leipzig, Germany 2017/5/09 2017/5/09 Avnet Silica, Avnet Abacus /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/registration/einkaeuferseminar-leipzig/
Just IoT IT Seminar Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations 2017/5/09 2017/5/11 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/just-iot-it-seminars
MESCO Technology Day: IIoT, Security and Functional Safety Lörrach, Germany 2017/5/18 2017/5/18 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/mesco-technology-day
Renesas Synergy™ on Tour: Start from the API and stay ahead! Italy, Mutiple Dates Locations 2017/6/07 2017/7/11 Renesas Electronics /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/renesas-synergy-on-tour
Renesas Synergy™ on Tour: Start from the API and stay ahead! Multiple Dates/Locations, DACH region 2017/5/03 2017/7/27 Renesas Electronics /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/renesas-synergy-on-tour-dach
Graphic Design with STM32 hands-on workshop Pan-European, Multiple Dates / Locations 2017/5/03 2017/7/18 STMicroelectronics
An easy path to - Sense, Compute & Connect Italy, Multiple Dates / Locations 2017/5/03 2017/5/10 Silicon Labs /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/sense-compute-connect-silicon-labs-workshop
Smart Building Summit 2017 Munich, Germany 2017/5/16 2017/5/17 Multiple Suppliers
Lighting Seminar Malmö, Sweden 2017/5/03 2017/5/03 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/lighting-seminar-swe
Forum Safety & Security 2017 Munich, Germany 2017/7/04 2017/7/06 Multiple Suppliers
Digital Transformation Summit Munich, Germany 2017/10/24 2017/10/25 Multiple Suppliers
Internet of Things Conference – from Sensor to Cloud Munich, Germany 2017/10/19 2017/10/19 Multiple Suppliers
Wireless Congress: Systems & Applications Munich, Germany 0207/11/15 2017/11/16 Multiple Suppliers
Functional Safety Seminar Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations 2017/6/22 2017/9/14 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/2017-functional-safety-seminar-de
Meet-up robotics Paris, France 2017/5/17 2017/5/17 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/2017-meet-up-robotics-fr
Simplifying IoT Security - TechDay Pan-European, Multiple Dates 2017/5/16 2017/11/16 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/security-tech-days-2017
Electronics & Applications Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands 2017/5/30 2017/6/01 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/electronics-and-applications-2017
Embedded Vision – TechDays Pan-European, Multiple Dates 2017/6/20 2017/10/11 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/embedded-vision-techdays-2017