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Learning for better, faster projects builds.

Tap these professional development opportunities to network and learn from your peers, as well as experts in the industry who’ve “done it before.” Connect with the Avnet Silica experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.

2018-04 embedded-vision-techdays

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Embedded Vision – TechDays

24 Apr 2017 - 24 Apr 2018
Madrid, Spain

During this TechDay you will learn new technologies for embedded vision starting from image sensors to full embedded vision learning systems. The speakers provide a story that you will not find on the internet and new applications will be explained with 10 state-of-the-art vision solutions showcased in the afternoon session.

Avnet Silica & Xilinx SpeedWays

MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshops™

20 Feb 2018 - 31 Dec 2018
pan-European, Multiple dates / locations

The MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshops presented by Avnet Silica help engineers jump-start the development of single-core Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC devices using the Avnet MiniZed Zynq SoC development kit.

2018-04 NXP MCUXpresso Workshop Eastern Europe

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i.MX RT and MCUXpresso hands-on training in Eastern Europe region

10 May 2018 - 07 Jun 2018

Avnet Silica and NXP invite you to join us for a one day hands-on workshop on the i.MX RT "crossover" processors and the MCUXpresso SDK all over Eastern Europe.

2018-05 Infineon Applications Webinar

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Webinar: Infineon DC/DC PMIC for FPGAs/SoCs for 10W to 50W Applications

16 Jan 2018 - 31 May 2018
Online, on demand

Infineon offers a set of complete power supply reference designs for Xilinx FPGAs & SoCs/MPSoC. Join this webinar to learn how to select the best power device based on the provided tools and software from Xilinx and Infineon | Available on demand

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Event Name Location Start Date End Date Supplier Action
Webinar: "How are you meeting your IoT implementation challenges?" Online, on demand 2017/9/30 2018/4/27 Infineon
MiniZed: Up Your Game in Embedded Design Online, on demand 2017/11/15 2018/4/30 Xilinx & Avnet /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/minized-up-your-game-in-embedded-design-2017
i.MX RT and MCUXpresso hands-on training in Eastern Europe region CZ | PL | ROU | SVN 2018/5/10 2018/6/07 NXP /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/nxp-mcuxpresso-workshop-eastern-europe
i.MX RT and MCUXpresso hands-on training Lyon, France 2018/5/29 2018/5/29 NXP /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/nxp-mcuxpresso-workshop-france
Embedded Everywhere Denmark, Copenhagen 2018/4/18 2018/4/18 Multiple suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/embedded-everywhere
Embedded Vision – TechDays Madrid, Spain 2017/4/24 2018/4/24 Multiple Suppliers /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/embedded-vision-techdays
Webinar: Infineon DC/DC PMIC for FPGAs/SoCs for 10W to 50W Applications Online, on demand 2018/1/16 2018/5/31 Infineon Technologies /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/infineon-applications
Matlab Expo 2018 Spain Spain, Multiple Location 2018/5/22 2018/5/30 Matlab
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Seminar Germany, Munich 2018/7/01 2018/7/31 Microsoft /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/microsoft-windows-2016-seminar
Simply Secured: Industrial IoT's First Pre-integrated Edge-to-Cloud Cybersecurity Solution Online 2018/5/08 2018/5/08 Infineon & Xilinx
Viva Technology 2018 France, Paris 2018/5/24 2018/5/26 Multiple Suppliers
Microchip System on Module Linux based training UK, Multiple locations 2018/6/12 2018/6/14 Microchip /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/microchip-system-on-module-linux-based-training
Webinar: "Design Made Easy with Xilinx" Online, on demand 2017/7/10 2018/7/10 Xilinx /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/design-made-easy-with-xilinx
Image Processing Solutions for Xilinx Seminar Germany, Multiple Dates / Locations 2018/5/15 2018/11/22 Xilinx /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/image-processing-solutions-seminar-xilinx
MiniZed SpeedWay Design Workshops™ pan-European, Multiple dates / locations 2018/2/20 2018/12/31 Xilinx & Avnet Silica /wps/portal/silica/resources/events/training-and-events/event/xilinx-speedway-design-workshop