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Welcome to the Avnet eUICC test pack

Avnet Idemia eUICC Registration (LC)

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Congratulations! You are about to play with the Avnet eUICC test pack

What's inside the test pack
On the box cover a QR code taking you to this registration page
On the back of the box a sticker with a product code and a unique ID code identifying the exact eUICC chips inside your pack
Inside the box
  • 2 eUICC in a 2FF plastic format uniquely identified by their eID (Vodafone enabled)
  • 2 eUICC in a 2FF plastic format uniquely identified by their eID (Arkessa enabled)
  • 2 eUICC in an MFF2 chip format uniquely identified by their eID (Arkessa enabled)
  • Each eUICC has been preloaded with the following:
The test pack also includes
  • A Vodafone test account for managing the Vodafone pre-paid communication:
    • Profile activation, data usage, etc.
  • An Arkessa test account for managing the Arkessa pre-paid communication
    • Profile activation, data usage, etc.
  • On-demand eUICC administration services from Avnet
    • Profile swap between Vodafone and Arkessa, fallback management, profile delete and download, etc. 

Getting started

  • Register your test pack HERE.
  • You will promptly receive an email so that you can confirm your email address.
  • We will create test accounts with Vodafone and Arkessa and notify you.
  • Once done, just connect and activate your eUICC's and enjoy.
  • On demand, we will be happy to demonstrate live downloads and swaps between Arkessa and Vodafone on any of your eUICC so that you can fully appreciate the technology potential.

Avnet eUICC-qualified modems

2G - QUECTEL BG96 – M95 (in progress)
4G - QUECTEL EC25 – EG91 – EG95 – EC21
Cat-M1 QUECTEL BG96 (awaiting network availability with partner carriers)

eUICC is a GSMA-standardized technology and should be seamlessly interoperable with various modem vendors.

Nevertheless, real-life situations are sometimes more complex than theory and we want to thoroughly pre-qualify the product bundles we are bringing to market, making sure that our SM-SR platform will never loose permanent synchronization with your modems regardless of a radio and/or local power outage happening during an administration campaign.

We have therefore qualified a few modems to support the product launch and will continue qualifying new modems in order to enrich our ecosystem.
Although we strongly recommend to use one of the modems listed above, we are open to qualifying non-listed modems on a case-by-case basis.




Please provide us with the information requested below and we will create your test accounts with Vodafone and Arkessa. 

AVS eUICC Test Pack Registration Box image (RI)

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Avnet Silica eUICC Test Pack Box

Idemia (formerly OT Morpho) Logo

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Idemia - augmented identity


Avnet eUIIC Operator Partners -8LC)

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Avnet Idemia eUICC partner operatios: Arkessa, Vodafone

Example: ID sticker on the back of the eUICC Test Pack

eUICC - Your Eval Pack Number
Please enter the EvalPack Number (highlighted in green) of on the back of your box into the form.

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Local Avnet Silica offices:
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