RSL10-SOLARSENS-GEVK: RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor Platform

The RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor platform is a complete, low-cost solution for developing self-powered sensor nodes using harvested solar energy. Based on the RSL10 SIP- the industry's lowest power Bluetooth® 5 radio, the RSL10 Solar Cell Multi-Sensor platform supports continuous Bluetooth Low Energy transmission of sensor information without requiring any batteries. The fully-integrated platform features multiple smart sensors, an ultra-low quiescent current LDO regulator (NCP170), and a 2-port connector for the provided solar cell (FlexRB-25-7030 from Ribes Tech). Also included is a low-profile 47 uF storage capacitor and a programming and debug interface.


  • Provides continuous sensor technology with no battery required
  • Provides industry's lowest power Bluetooth® Low Energy technology enabled by the RSL10 SIP
  • 55 nw in Standby Mode , 10 mW in Rx, and Tx at 0 dbm
  • Supports Beacon and telemetry transmission
  • Fully re-programmable with SEGGER J-Link with Arm® Cortex® Debug connector (10-pin) adapter.
  • Ultra-low leakage
  • Adaptive duty cycle (self-detection of energy availability for transmission)
  • Dual solar cell interface (Through-holes wire soldering or ZIF interface )
  • Ultra-low-power smart sensors
  • Low voltage, high accuracy temperature sensor with wide temperature range (- 40 to 125C ) (NCT203)
  • Combined digital humidity, pressure and temperature sensor (BME280)
  • Smart 3-axes ultra-low power accelerometer (BMA400) with integrated wake up and sleep function
  • Pre-flashed with interweaving Beacon firmware: Eddystone TLM Beacon
  • Broadcasts storage capacitor voltage level, temperature, time since power-up and advertisement packets since power-up
  • Compatible with BLE Scanner applications (iOS® or Android™).
  • Custom Environmental Service Beacon
  • Broadcasts temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Software libraries and examples are available in the B-IDK CMSIS-Pack
  • Supports a wide range of lighting conditions (Artificial or solar light, as low as 180 lux)


  • Smart Homes/Buildings
  • Environmental sensing ( heating/cooling, air quality)
  • Intruder detection
  • Ambiance and climate control
  • Industry 4.0/ Smart Cities
  • Worker safety and fall detection
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Smoke detection
  • Mobile Personal care
  • Integrated/portable sensors
  • Smart safety helmets (bicycle, motorcycle)

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