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ON Semiconductor Wide Band Gap technology product sample imageWide Band Gap materials will power future applications for high performance

Increasingly, the most important applications and current electronics sector mega trends demand high voltage, high frequency and high temperature performance beyond that achievable by regular silicon devices.

Wide Band Gap semiconductor technologies using materials such as Silicon Carbide (SiC), are emerging to bring significant enabling benefits and enhanced reliability to important high-growth end application areas such as automotive DC-DC and on-board charger applications for electric vehicles as well as solar and uninterruptible and server power supplies.

Wide Band Gap technologies provide advanced performance:

  • Faster Switching
  • Lower Power Losses
  • Increased Power Density
  • Higher Operating Temperatures

This performance is aligned with future market demands and trends:

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Compact Solutions
  • Lower Weight
  • Reduced System Cost
  • Increased Reliability


  • Solar Boost Converters and Inverters
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Server & Telecom Power Supplies

ON Semiconductor’s SiC portfolio comprising:

Why Choose SiC diodes?

  • No reverse recovery current
  • Higher switching frequency
  • Low forward voltage (VF)
  • Stable leakage current over temperature
  • Higher surge and avalanche capacity
  • Higher operating temperature (TJMAX = 175°C)

These characteristics deliver real value:

  • Reduced magnetics and other passive components
  • Higher power density and lower system cost
  • Higher reliability
  • Higher system efficiency




IF(ave) (A) VRRM 650V VRRM 1200V
4 FFSB0465A (D2PAK2 (TO-263-2L))
4 FFSD0465A (DPAK-3 / TO-252-3)  
4 FFSM0465A (PQFN-4)  
4 FFSP0465A (TO-220-2)  
5   FFSP05120A (TO-220-2)
6 FFSB0665A (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)  
6 FFSD0665A (DPAK-3 / TO-252-3)  
6 FFSM0665A (PQFN-4)  
6 FFSP0665A (TO-220-2)  
6 FFSPF0665A (TO-220 FP / TO-220F-2FS)  
8 FFSB0865A (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)  
8 FFSD0865A (DPAK-3 / TO-252-3) FFSD08120A (DPAK-3 / TO-252-3)
8 FFSM0865A (PQFN-4)  
8 FFSP0865A (TO-220-2) FFSP08120A (TO-220-2)
8 FSPF0865A (TO-220 FP / TO-220F-2FS)  
10 FFSB1065A (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2) FFSB10120A (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)
10 FFSD1065A (DPAK-3 / TO-252-3) FFSD10120A (DPAK-3 / TO-252-3)
10   FFSH10120A (TO-247-2)
10   FFSH10120ADN (TO-247-3)
10 FFSM1065A (PQFN-4)  
10 FFSP1065A (TO-220-2) FFSP10120A (TO-220-2)
10 FFSPF1065A (TO-220 FP / TO-220F-2FS)  
12 FFSB1265A (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)  
12 FFSM1265A (PQFN-4)  
12 FFSP1265A (TO-220-2) FFSP15120A (TO-220-2)
15   FFSH15120A (TO-247-2)
15   FFSH15120ADN (TO-247-3)
16 FFSH1665A (TO-247-2)  
16 FFSH1665ADN (TO-247-3) FFSH20120ADN (TO-247-3)
16 FFSP1665A (TO-220-2)  
20   FFSB20120A (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)
20 FFSH2065A (TO-247-2) FFSH20120A (TO-247-2)
20 FFSH2065ADN (TO-247-3) FFSH20120ADN (TO-247-3)
20 FFSP2065A (TO-220-2) FFSP20120A (TO-220-2)
20 FFSPF2065A (TO-220 FP / TO-220F-2FS)  
30 FFSH3065A (TO-247-2)  
30   FFSH30120A (TO-247-2)
30 FFSH3065ADN (TO-247-3) FFSH30120ADN (TO-247-3)
30 FFSP3065A (TO-220-2)  
40 FFSH4065A (TO-247-2) FFSH40120A (TO-247-2)
40 FFSH4065ADN-F155 (TO-247-3) FFSH40120ADN (TO-247-3)
50 FFSH5065A (TO-247-2)  
50 FFSH5065A-F155 (TO-247-3LD) FFSH50120A (TO-247-2)




IF(ave) (A) VRRM 650V VRRM 1200V
10 FFSB1065B-F085 (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2) FFSB10120A-F085 (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)
10 FFSD1065B-F085 (DPAK-3 / TO-252-3)  
10 FFSH1065B-F085 (TO-247-2LD) FFSH10120A-F085 (TO-247-2)
10   FFSH20120ADN-F085 (TO-247-3)
10 FFSP1065B-F085 (TO-220-2)  
20 FFSB2065BDN-F085 (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2) FFSB20120A-F085 (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)
20 FFSB2065B-F085 (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)  
20   FFSH20120A-F085 (TO-247-2)
20 FFSH2065BDN-F085 (TO-247-3) FFSH40120ADN-F085 (TO-247-3)
20 FFSH2065B-F085 (TO-247-2LD)  
20 FFSP2065B-F085 (TO-220-2)  
30 FFSB3065B-F085 (D2PAK-3 / TO-263-2)  
30 FFSH3065B-F085 (TO-247-2)  
30 FFSP3065B-F085 (TO-220-2)  
40 FFSH4065BDN-F085 (TO-247-3LD) FFSH40120ADN-F085 (TO-247-3)
50 FFSH5065B-F085 (TO-247-2LD)  

IGBTs with copack SiC Diodes

  • AFGHL50T65SQDC: Hybrid IGBT, 650V, 50A Fieldstop 4 tranch IGBT with SiC-SBD

Modules with SiC Diodes + IGBT

  • FPF2G120BF07AS: Power Integrated Module, F2, SiC Diode + IGBT, 650 V, 40 A
  • FPF2C110BI07AS2: Power Integrated Module , F2, SiC Diode + MOSFET + IGBT, 650 V
  • FPF2G120BF07ASP: Power Integrated Module, F2, SiC Diode + IGBT, 650V, 40A with thermal interface material
  • NXH80B120H2Q0SG: Power Integrated Module, SiC Diode + IGBT, 1200 V, 40 A


  • NTHL080N120SC1: N‐Channel Silicon Carbide MOSFET 1200 V, 80 mΩ, TO247−3L


  • NVHL080N120SC1: N‐Channel Silicon Carbide MOSFET 1200 V, 80 mΩ, TO247−3L



  • NCP51705: SiC MOSFET Driver, Low-Side, Single 6 A High-Speed

ON Semiconductor


Single 6 A, low-side SiC MOSFET driver with high peak output current with split output stages

ON Semiconductor NCP51705 chip image

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