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Things go wrong, and the more complex the system, the more opportunity there is for complications to arise. Still, designers take painstaking measures to ensure that the likelihood of things going wrong is as small as possible. To help designers succeed, Maxim Integrated has created a dependable portfolio of protection devices for industrial applications—ranging from blood glucose monitors, vital signal patches, positron emission tomography (PET) imaging and beyond.

Maxim carefully developed reliable protection ICs that screen and sustain optimal voltage, current and temperature levels to prevent systems from malfunctioning. Especially when designing for solutions upon which people’s lives can depend, it’s crucial to be sure you’ve got the best products for the job. Discover how Maxim’s reliable protection devices can make all the difference.


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Reliable protection solutions

Supervisors Voltage Monitors (MM)

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Supervisors: Voltage Monitors/Pushbutton ICs

  • Monitor system supplies or power rails, alarming or gating off downstream systems in case of undervoltage or overvoltage situations
  • Reset ICs ensure microcontrollers or microprocessors and their peripherals are in a known safe state
  • Protect system safety in battery-powered equipment, low-voltage systems, industrial, automotive, consumer, portable, and wearable products
  • Ultra-low-power, on/off pushbutton controllers accept noisy input from electrical, mechanical, or magnetic switches and produce clean, protected outputs to downstream systems
  • Pushbutton reset ICs generate clean, glitch-free reset outputs for microcontrollers or microprocessors

BUY NOW:  MAX16150BWT+  | MAX16125WTDB29+

Ideal Diodes Voltage References (MM)

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Ideal Diodes/Voltage References

  • Senses the input and output voltages of two back-to-back p-channel MOSFETs to provide overvoltage protection with ideal-diode characteristics
  • When forward biased, the two pFETs have a voltage drop that is much lower than a traditional blocking diode
  • The two pFETs are turned off to prevent reverse current flow during reverse-battery fault conditions
  • Shunt and series voltage reference ICs offer low-noise, high-accuracy, and excellent long-term stability performance
  • Small package options for space-constrained applications, low-power options for portable and handheld devices, and low temperature coefficients for high-precision applications

BUY NOW: MAX40203AUK+  |  AX40200AUK+

Isolator ICs

  • Complete galvanic isolation between two power domains
  • Protect circuits from high common-mode transients and faults while eliminating ground loops
  • Digital signal isolator products offer up to 5kV isolation and help support ultra-fast data rates
  • Comparable isolation capability with reduced power requirements using less board space

BUY NOW: MAX16147WM75SA+  | MAX16140D220JM+

Temperature Sensor ICs

  • Reduce complexity for wearable electronics, like wrist watches, medical patches, smart clothing
  • Digital thermometers accurately and quickly measure skin temperature
  • Integrated solutions offer clinical grade accuracy with the lowest power consumption and the smallest size
  • Include flexible fitness and medical wearable assembly options

BUY NOW:  DS18B20+  |  MAX31875R0TZS+

Real-Time Clocks

  • Keep track of time relative to the “real” world while rendering reliable protection
  • Accuracy is critical in periods of severe system stress or when the power of the main device is off
  • Provide tough performance, drawing power from an auxiliary battery or supercapacitor
  • Power consumption, accuracy, ruggedness and compact size are all integral
  • Typically, RTCs reduce the necessary number of pins by supporting a serial interface
  • Highly accurate, low-power, small-package, and MEMS (microelectromechanical systems)-based RTCs

BUY NOW:  DS1307Z+  |  DS3231MZ+

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Maxim Integrated essential analog toolkit

Technology is growing smaller with each passing generation, but performance demands only continue to rise. Fortunately, Maxim Integrated has a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance analog products that you can leverage in your next design. And right now, for a limited time, you can win a sample kit containing all of their best offerings.

The Maxim Essential Analog toolkit contains a group of parts carefully selected to represent 20 product categories, highlighting key performance areas from power efficiency to precise measurement and rugged connectivity to reliable protection. These advanced integrated circuits (ICs) showcase an impressive range of features, including low power, low noise, multi-channel, high resolution, high accuracy and high speed.

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Maxim Integrated Essential Analog Toolkit