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When it comes to automotive or industrial applications, you’ll want to ensure that every measurement you take—and on which your systems depend—is as precise as possible. Fortunately, Maxim Integrated precision measurement ICs offer unparalleled accuracy and performance for an array of analog applications. Thanks to increased resolution and integration, their high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) are ideal for data acquisition systems.

Whether you’re interested in innovating around motor monitoring, weigh scale or building automation, Maxim’s family of precision measurement ICs offer peak efficiency, speed and accuracy, so you can be confident in your design. Ready to learn more about Maxim’s range of precision measurement products?


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Precision measurement solutions

Analog to Digital Converters (MM)

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Analog-to-Digital Converters

  • 24 bits resolution allows for high-accuracy measurements
  • Best-in-class dynamic performance and linearity
  • Fast sample rates, low power, and optimal levels of precision
  • Integrated features, high channel counts, and unique interfaces reduce solution size and cost

BUY NOW:  MAX11410ATI+  |  MAX11168EUB+

Digital to Analog Converters (LC)

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Digital-to-Analog Converters

  • High resolution, superb linearity, high channel counts and fast settling times
  • Integrated voltage references and buffered outputs
  • High performance, low power consumption and compact size
  • Wafer-level packages save power and space in your design

BUY NOW:  MAX5541ESA+  |  MAX5715AAUD+

Audio Amplifiers

  • Innovation, small size, and high efficiency with uncompromised audio performance
  • Ideal for industrial/medical, smart home, IoT, cameras, gaming devices, and smartphones
  • Best-in-class filterless performance, THD, PSRR, and power savings
  • Eliminate potential issues with EMI and audio artifacts such as clicks and pops

BUY NOW:  MAX6173BASA+  |  MAX6279ELA12+

Op Amplifiers

  • Wide operating range (1.8V to 36V) supports broad range of applications
  • High performance with ultra-low noise figure, low voltage offset, and wide bandwidth
  • Small package sizes and low external BOM reduce total solution size for portable systems
  • Greater system accuracy with highest precision and lowest noise to drive high-resolution ADCs

BUY NOW:  MAX44246ASA+  |  MAX40100ANT+

Current-Sense Amplifiers

  • Low input offset voltage and wide common-mode voltage provide wide dynamic range accuracy
  • High-side/low-side sensing amps with common-mode voltage range of below ground to +75V
  • Power monitors provide instantaneous current and voltage readings for portable systems

BUY NOW:  MAX40010FAUT+   |  MAX44284EAUT+


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Op amps vs. discretes

Breaking down the pros and cons of part-by-part vs. preconfigured design.

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Maxim Integrated essential analog toolkit

Technology is growing smaller with each passing generation, but performance demands only continue to rise. Fortunately, Maxim Integrated has a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance analog products that you can leverage in your next design. And right now, for a limited time, you can win a sample kit containing all of their best offerings.

The Maxim Essential Analog toolkit contains a group of parts carefully selected to represent 20 product categories, highlighting key performance areas from power efficiency to precise measurement and rugged connectivity to reliable protection. These advanced integrated circuits (ICs) showcase an impressive range of features, including low power, low noise, multi-channel, high resolution, high accuracy and high speed.

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Maxim Integrated Essential Analog Toolkit