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Perfect fit for all sensing applications

The market’s broadest portfolio of sensing solutions builds on more than 40 years of experience and close customer engagement. Infineon’s XENSIV™ offering provides the perfect fit across the full application spectrum from automotive through industrial to consumer, also scaling performance to suit individual needs.

Designed to bring a new level of intelligence, intuition, and contextual awareness to existing and emerging use cases, XENSIV™ sensors deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability – even under harsh conditions.

Team up with Infineon to benefit from world-leading semiconductor capabilities with the added convenience of an extensive, global partner ecosystem. This rich offering of tried-and-tested partner solutions simplifies your design-in even further and accelerates your time-to-market – so you can hit sensor-enabled application sweet spots ahead of the competition.

An innovative application deserves the best sensors the market has to offer. With Infineon at your side, you will be ideally equipped for the sensor design challenges of today and tomorrow. 



Featured products

XENSIV™ 24GHz radar ICs and Sense2GoL Pulse

The smallest and cheapest radar chip in the market making presence detection possible 

Radar is a superior motion sensor as it inherently detects motion, providing the speed and the direction of motion widely used lighting, sanitary, security, and other applications requiring motion sensing. Compared to other sensor technologies, BGT24LTR11 XENSIV™ 24GHz Radar Chip is very sensitive and robust - unaffected by light temperature or dust. The BGT24LTR11 also penetrates non-metallic objects which makes it the perfect fit for different product designs eliminating the need for openings or lenses. 




Infineon BGT24LTR11 - front and back side

Evaluation board Sense2GoL Pulse

The Sense2Go L Pulse board enables presence detection at very low power consumption. The eval kit consists of two boards, the radar front end board: SHIELD_BGT24LTR11 and the microcontroller board RADAR BB XMC4700. It adds additional flexibility by allowing battery operation, current measurements, SD card reader for storage, and Arduino compatible pin connectors.

Key facts

  1. Accurately measures motion, speed, and direction of movement (approaching or retreating) with a detection range of 18 m for a human target at a power consumption <5mW
  2. “Sees” through objects, for example, glass or walls & has higher sensitivity of detection in comparison to PIR
  3. Flexible and robust with tiny form factor can be used in any application no matter the environment

Take a closer look at the board with this detailed 3d model



Infineon Sense2GoL PULSE Board - top side

XENSIV™ MEMS Mircophone IM69D130

IM69D130 is a high performance digital MEMS microphone making use of Infineon’s Dual Backplate MEMS technology to deliver 105dB dynamic range and high output linearity up to 130dBSPL. The application benefits are crystal clear audio signals, extended pick-up distance and sensitivity to both soft and loud signals - from whispered speech to rock concerts.

Key facts

  • High fidelity and far field audio recording
  • Matched, noise and distortion free audio signals for advanced audio signal processing
  • Ultra-low group delay for latency-critical applications
  • No analog components required
  • Typical industrial applications can be predictive maintenance (audio pattern detection), Industrial intercomm with Audio Noise Cancelling, Security and suirvellance (including safety) for industrial environments, Audio conferencing systems/recording systems, Noise quality environment, Glass breaker



Infineon IM69D130 product image

Infineon Audio Hub Nano – plug & play solution

Experience audio performance in a new high sensitive way 

The Infineon Audiohub Nano board is allowing users to start recording as fast and easy as possible and it enables the evaluation of Infineon digital PDM XENSIV™ MEMS microphones. It is similar to an external soundcard – connect it to your laptop or PC via the micro USB port on the board and start right away. The digital microphones on flex PCBs can be quickly connected for recording in both mono and stereo mode. The easy exchange of the microphones FPCBs allows for a quick performance comparison of different PDM interface-microphones. The Audiohub Nano comes with four XENSIV™ IM69D130 digital microphones and can be used with audio editing software supporting 48 kHz and 24-bit recording.

Top side of XENSIV™ AudioHub Nano board

In a nutshell

  1. Quick setup - works with any audio editing software that supports 24 bit and 48 kHz recording like Audacity
  2. The only things you need are a laptop and micro USB cable – board and microphones come with the package
  3. Quick system diagnostics possible - MEMS mic flexes are easily replaceable allowing for quick evaluation in your system

The Infineon Audiohub Nano board helps evaluate microphones for several use cases and applications

  • Smart speaker and Voice-User-Interface (VUI)
  • Wearable devices e.g. Headsets
  • Laptops
  • Conference systems



Evaluation Board Shield2Go for XENSIV™ MEMS Mircophone IM69D130  

Infineon’s Shield2Go MEMSMIC IM69D board offers a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with two High-performance digital MEMS Microphone IM69D130 and come with a ready to use Arduino library.


Infineon Shield2Go board image


XENSIV™ Barometric Pressure Sensor DPS368

Enable air-flow measurement and monitor better your applications

The DPS368 a digital, waterproof barometric air pressure sensor, fully functional after immersion in water at a depth of 50 meters for 1 hour (IPx8 certified). The specific package design consists of pads and membranes protected by a gel and makes the sensor very robust - environmentally protected against water, dust, and humidity.  In addition to the small size and the low energy consumption, the pressure sensor from Infineon has high sensitivity and precision (±2 cm). XENSIV™ DPS368 shows great temperature stability over the full temperature range. 

Front and back side of Infineon's DPS368 sensor

Key facts

  1. Small package size 8-pin LGA, 2.0 x 2.5 x 1.1 mm3 and ¼ smaller noise
  2. High precision ± 0.002 hPa (or ±0.02 m) and accuracy ± 0.06 hPa (or ±0.5 m) Abs. accuracy: ± 1 hPa (or ±8 m) with operation rage
    • Pressure: 300–1200 hPa
    • Temperature: -40–85°C
  3. Smallest IPx8-certified (waterproof) and robust pressure sensor on the market

XENSIV™ Pressure Sensor adds value in the following applications

  • Wearable devices (smart & sports watch) and smart inhalers;  
  • IoT airflow monitoring (Vacuum cleaner, HVAC), Dust/Air filter, etc.
  • IoT water level detection - e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, etc.
  • IoT long time performance – such as fire alarms  

Get the free software and documentation for DPS368 Pressure Sensor @ GitHub




Evaluation Board Shield2Go for XENSIV™ Barometric Pressure Sensor DPS368 (3 boards required)

Infineon’s Shield2Go boards offer a unique customer and evaluation experience – the boards are equipped with one DPS368 barometric pressure sensor and come with a ready to use Arduino library.


Infineon Shield2Go board image

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XENSIV™ KP229E3518 Miniaturized Analog Manifold Air Pressure Sensor IC

The high accuracy and the high sensitivity of the device make it a perfect fit for advanced automotive applications as well as in industrial and consumer applications, such as weather stations, altimeters etc.


  • High precision pressure sensing (± 4.0 kPa)
  • Ratiometric analog output
  • Large temperature range (-40 °C to 140 °C)
  • Broken wire detection
  • Clamping
  • “Green” 8 pin SMD housing
  • Automotive qualified


  • Automotive applications (manifold air pressure measurement)
  • Industrial control
  • Consumer applications
  • Medical applications
  • Weather stations
  • Altimeters



Infineon KP229 - top side of the chip

XENSIV™ TLE5014SP Angle Sensor with SP interface and automotive qualification AEC-Q100

TLE5014SP16 E0001 is an iGMR (integrated Giant Magneto Resistance - based principle) based angle sensor with a high-speed serial interface (SSC interface), up to 8MHz. It provides highly accurate angular position information for various applications in the automotive market.


  • Fast SSC interface up to 8MHz
  • Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR)-based principle
  • Integrated magnetic field sensing for angle measurement
  • 360° angle measurement
  • EEPROM for storage of configuration (e.g. zero angle) and customer specific ID
  • 15 bit representation of absolute angle value on the output
  • Max. 1° angle error over lifetime and temperature range
  • 32 point look-up table to correct for systematic angle errors (e.g. magnetic circuit)
  • 112 bit customer ID (programmable)
  • Automotive qualified Q100, Grade 1: -40°C to 125°C (ambient temperature)
  • ESD: 4 kV (HBM) on VDD and 2kV (HBM) on output pins
  • RoHS compliant and halogen free package


  • Any kind of automotive application
  • EPS Motor
  • Brake Booster
  • Clutch Actuator
  • Wiper applications
  • Collaborative or Service Robots
  • Escalators and Elevators
  • Forklifts and Cranes



Top side of Infineon's TLE5014SP angle sensor

XENSIV™ TLE4999I3 Dual-Channel Linear Hall Sensor with PSI5 interface

Infineon's TLE4999I3 provides all means that are necessary to fulfill the state-of-the-art functional safety requirements on the system level. It is developed in full compliance with ISO 26262. The device provides high redundancy on one chip utilizing two sensor elements included within one monolithic silicon design.


  • Two highly accurate redundant Hall measurement channels (main and sub) integrated on one chip
  • Developed compliant to ISO 26262 for safety requirements rated up to ASIL-D
  • PSI5 v2.1-compatible interface in synchronous mode with high speed P10P-400/4H protocol
  • Bi-directional interface for programming via fast SICI interface
  • 13bit output signals, protected by CRC and rolling counters
  • Digital temperature and stress compensation
  • 3-pin leaded package for mounting in PCB-less modules
  • Operating junction temperature range -40°C to 150°C
  • Main and sub channel programmable independently in EEPROM
  • 16bit user-configurable ID in EEPROM
  • Supply voltage 5.5 to 7 V


  • Brake and acceleration Pedals
  • Valve or flap position sensing
  • Steering Torque sensing
  • High-Speed Applications
  • Automotive and Industrial Safety
  • any other kind of precise and fast linear measurement application



Infineon TLE4999I3 Hall sensor


XENSIV™ TLE4964-3M high precision automotive-qualified unipolar Hall switch

The TLE4964-3M is an integrated Hall effect switch designed specifically for highly accurate applications such as position detection, with superior supply voltage capability, operating temperature range, and temperature stability of the magnetic thresholds.


  • 3.0 V to 32 V operating supply voltage
  • Operation from unregulated power supply
  • Reverse polarity protection (-18 V)
  • Overvoltage capability up to 42 V without external resistor
  • Output overcurrent & overtemperature protection
  • Active error compensation
  • High stability of magnetic thresholds
  • Low jitter (typ. 0.35 μs)
  • High ESD performance
  • Small SMD package PG-SOT23-3-15 (TLE4964-3M)


  • Position detection applications


Infineon TLE4964-3M unipolar Hall switch


XENSIV™ TLI4966G Industrial Double Hall-effect Sensor in a gullwing package

The sensor provides a speed and direction signal at the interface pins. This information can be directly used to realize a robust index counting system for anti-pinch prevention in power closure systems.

Key facts

  • Higher quality and reliability as one sensor ensures perfect alignment of sensor elements
  • Precise magnetic switching points and high temperature stability
  • Active compensation circuits and chopper techniques on chip
  • Speed signal for every magnetic pole pair and corresponding direction information


Infineon TLE4966G TSOP-6 product image


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