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Infineon - Solutions for Smart Buildings

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Highly efficient and reliable products for energy saving Smart Buildings from Infineon

Infineon is providing state of the art IC solutions to be integrated into the backbone of future smart buildings. Smart buildings collect sensor-based data from their environment and react to it in an automated and independent way. Thanks to an array of sensors and actuators combined with connectivity, smart buildings connect different domains like lighting or building automation with each other. With constantly evolving technology, they “see”, control and adjust their interior settings and energy consumption in real-time to their occupants’ actual needs; hence, they are contributing significantly to saving energy and cutting costs.

Within a building, lighting is the energy domain in which up to 60% of energy savings can be achieved. The Internet-of-Things-Technology is continually increasing the intelligence that can be found in lighting – making lighting smart and more efficient. Infineon’s comprehensive power and sensor portfolio, combining radar sensors, LED drivers, XDP™ digital power controllers and MOSFETs, enables lighting to become the central and one of the most important pieces in the infrastructure of a truly smart building.

Discover how Infineon’s highly efficient and reliable products enable low-power and cost-saving smart buildings.


  • Radar sensors for an advanced presence detection method that goes beyond the capabilities of todays’ main stream Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR)
  • Extensive network of partners for 24 GHz radar to facilitate your design process of smart building applications 
  • High-power DC-DC converter ICs with high efficiency for lighting applications with high light quality without noise and flicker
  • Digital PFC control stage and quasi-resonant flyback controller IC with integrated digital interface for reading out real-time operating parameters and relevant error conditions
  • Best-in-class MOSFETs with high efficiency and power density for compact designs and for avoiding power losses
  • Long-lasting experience in both high quality power management products and lighting applications


  • Combine presence detection enabled by 24 GHz radar with our LED lighting control portfolio to design truly smart lighting applications for smart building
  • Smallest MMIC radar chip in the market to enable sophisticated lighting designs by hiding the sensor in the enclosure of the light
  • Enhance your lighting application with additional insights like predictive maintenance by access to real-time operating parameters from our power ICs 
  • Achieve energy savings with Infineon controllers that leverage maximum power conversion efficiency in combination with either external or integrated power switches
  • Digital LED controllers allow power monitoring as well as fault detection without the need of costly and complex circuit
  • Reduce BOM and assembly costs, e.g. by integration of discrete components like ESD diodes and gate resistors into the power MOSFETs


Infineon Smart Buildings Products (Tabs)

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Radar Sensor IC: BGT24M/L Family

Infineon sense2goL board imageThe 24 GHz radar family is the largest and highest integrated 24 GHz ISM band radar transceiver family currently in the market, providing a range of different transmitter and receiver channel configurations and supporting different application requirements. Compared to usually used PIR sensors, 24 GHz radar “sees” and detects small movements, even when a person is calmly sitting at a desk avoiding false switching-off commands to the light. Further, it can be hidden in the lighting design allowing for more elegant and sophisticated lighting fixtures. It also has an increased area of coverage enabling presence detection in larger spaces.

The BGT24LTR11, the smallest 24 GHz MMIC in the market, is a low power radar transceiver that combines one transmit and one receive channel. The BGT24MTR12, on the other hand, has one transmit and two receive channels, whereas the BGT24MR2 operates with two receive channels. Hence, a broad portfolio of radar MMICs is available to suit different applications.

Evaluation and demo boards to support the testing and development of radar in multiple applications is also being provided by Infineon and it’s been continuously expanding its range. All boards are provided with documentation, hardware design files, base level software to support ease-of-use and faster to market integration. Additionally, Infineon provides an extensive network of radar partners to facilitate your radar design.

Target applications

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • HVAC control
  • Intrusion and presence detection for surveillance
  • Occupancy detection in IoT & Smart Building


DC-DC LED Driver IC: ILD8150 Driver

Infineon ILD8150 in DSO-8 packageThe ILD8150 is a new 80 V DC-DC converter IC, designed to drive high power LEDs with high efficiency due to its internal low RON of the integrated high-side MOSFET switch. It provides a high safety voltage margin for applications operating close to safe extra-low voltage (SELV) limits.

The buck LED driver IC is tailored for LEDs in general lighting applications with average currents up to 1.5 A using a high-side integrated switch. Several performance and protection features provide ideal fit for professional LED lighting. Thanks to its innovative dimming method it provides high light quality without noise and flicker, even when the light is dimmed. Its pull-down transistor avoids LED glowing in dim-to-off.

Target applications

  • LED driver
  • Tunable white
  • Multichannel lighting

XDP™ Digital Power: XDPL8221 Digital Control IC

Infineon XDPL8221 XDDP in DSO-16 packageThe XDPL8221 digital control IC combines a digital quasi-resonant PFC XDP™ control stage and a quasi-resonant flyback controller with primary side regulation. Direct communication with an external microcontroller unit is supported by a serial communication (UART) interface and real-time operating parameters are digitally available. In addition, relevant error conditions are monitored and protected which enables additional insights into the system while it is operating.

The XDPL8221 controller is especially designed for advanced LED drivers in smart lighting or Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The built-in algorithms of the dual stage topology ensures flicker-free operation and dimming down to 1 % of nominal current. At the same time, its low standby below 100 mW and reference board efficiency above 90% enable energy efficient designs.

Target applications

  • Flicker-free LED driver for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Multi-mode LED driver for connected lighting
  • Wired or wireless connected LED driver


60 V linear LED controller ICs: BCR601

Infineon BCR601 chip in DSO-8 packageThe BCR601 features an innovative voltage feedback to the primary side also known as “active headroom control” (AHC), enabling cost- and power-effective LED driver applications. The BCR602, on the other hand, targets dimmable LED applications such as light engines, modules and strips. Its wide voltage range of up to 60 V makes it ideal fit for 48 V designs and DC/DC grids.

Target Applications

  • LED Driver
  • LED Light Engines/Modules/Strips


CoolMOS™ P7 (800 V-950 V)

Infineon CoolMOS P7 in TO252 packageWith the 800 V and 950 V CoolMOS™ P7 series, Infineon sets a benchmark in super junction technologies and combines best-in-class performance with state-of-the-art ease-of-use. This new product family is a perfect fit for flyback based consumer SMPS applications.

The new 900 V P7 family addresses applications ranging from lighting, smart meter, mobile phone charger, notebook adapter to AUX power supply and industrial SMPS. Its high power density and high efficiency allow designs to be compact while avoiding energy losses.

Target applications

  • Adapter
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Industrial SMPS
  • AUX power

Buy online: 950 V, TO252-3 | 800 V, TO252-3 | 800 V, SOT223-3


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