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Infineon Solutions for Pumps and Fans

Infineon Pumps and Fans Intro (LC)

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Fans and pumps can be found in various applications including home appliances and industrial systems. Driven by more stringent regulations and growing awareness around energy efficiency, this segment is increasingly being shaped by rising demand for inverterization, especially in pumps and fans for low-power drives.

Take a look at Infineon’s broad portfolio of solutions with power levels ranging from 60 W to 3 kW in a range of different topologies.

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CIPOS™ IPMs | Digital Motor Controllers | Discrete IGBTs | Gate Driver IC


CIPOS™ Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs)

Infineon Pumps and Fans Cipos (Tabs)

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CIPOS™ Nano, the smallest IPM on the market, is designed for high-efficiency consumer, residential and light industrial applications such as drain pumps, ceiling and floor fans, residential circulation pumps and ventilators.

Product family Product name


Sample of Infineon CIPOS™ Nano package

IRSM836-025MA (2 A)

IRSM836-035MA (3 A)

IRSM836-045MA (4 A)


  • Reduced costs thanks to a smaller footprint QFN 12x12 and reduced PCB space
  • Easy implementation of two- or three-phase motor drives with half-bridge IPMs
  • Half-bridge configuration enables more flexible board designs with improved thermal performance
  • Same PCB footprint for multiple application markets (100 VAC – 230 VAC)



CIPOS™ Micro is the perfect fit for low-power motor drive applications such as circulation pumps, ceiling and floor fans and refrigerator compressor drives. This cost-effective power solution leverages industry-standard footprints and processes that are compatible with various PCB substrates.

Product family Product name


Sample of Infineon CIPOS™ Micro series

IRSM505-055DA2 ( 500 V, 2.4 A, DIP23)
IM231-L6S1B (600 V, 6 A, SOP 29x12)

IM231-M6S1B (600 V, 4 A, SOP 29x12)


  • Easy to design-in, fast time-to-market
  • The same PCB design can be used for multiple markets (100 VAC – 230 VAC) with the same IPM package
  • UL-certified package and temperature sensor

Evaluation Board EVAL-M1-IM231

  • Evaluate IM231-L6S1B CIPOS™ Micro IPM
  • Get your motor running within an hour with EVAL-M1-101T
  • Start to learn more about motor control with Infineon products

Download the application note here



The energy efficient CIPOS™ Tiny module integrates various power and control components to increase reliability, and to optimize PCB size and system costs. This simplifies the power design and reduces significantly the time-to-market.

Product family Product name


Infineon CIPOS Tiny product image

IM393-S6E (6 A, DIP 34x15)

IM393-M6F (10 A,  SIP 34x15)

IM393-L6F (15 A, SIP 34x15)

IM393-X6E (20 A, DIP 34x15)

IM393-X6F (20 A SIP 34x15)


  • Enables cost and size reduction for home appliance motor drives
  • SIP option allows PCB size reduction and alternative heatsink mounting
  • UL certified package and temperature sensor

Evaluation Board EVAL-M1-CTF620N3 (600 V IM393-X6F) and EVAL-M1-CTE620N3 (600 V IM393-X6E)

  • Easy to start evaluation of CIPOS™ Tiny IPM – shorter cycle time to final product
  • UL certified package and temperature sensor inside each Tiny IPM
  • Smaller foot print to allow smaller PCB
  • High efficiency to save energy


The energy-efficient CIPOS™ Mini integrates different power and control components to increase reliability and optimize PCB size and system costs. It is designed for power factor correction (PFC) in applications such as pumps and fans.

Product family Product name


Sample of Infineon CIPOS™ Mini series

IKCM15L60GA (15 A, 3ph inverter / DIP 36x21)

IKCM20L60GD (20 A, 3ph inverter / DIP 36x21D)

IKCM30F60GD (30 A, 3ph inverter / DIP 36x21D)

IFCM10P60GD (10 A, PFC integrated 3ph inverter / DIP36x21D)

IFCM15P60GD (15 A, PFC integrated 3ph inverter / DIP 36x21D)


  • Reduced system size as PFC is integrated in the inverter module
  • Reduced costs due to fewer BOM items and lower assembly costs
  • Smaller, cheaper heatsink​



The high performance CIPOS™ Maxi integrates different power and control components to increase reliability and optimize PCB size and system costs. It is designed to control three-phase AC motors and permanent magnet motors in variable-speed drive applications such as pumps, fan drives and active filters for HVAC systems.

Product family Product name


Infineon CIPOS Maxi product sample image




  • Reduced system costs and space requirements
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Highest power density
  • High efficiency​

Evaluation Board EVAL-M1-IM818-A

  • Evaluate IM818-MCC  CIPOS™ Maxi IPM module for your application
  • Get your motor running within one hour in combination with EVAL-M1-101T
  • Learn more about motor control in high voltage domain


Infineon Pumps and Fans main content (LC)

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Digital Motor Controller (iMOTION™)

Product family Product name Parametrics

IMC100 series

Infineon IMC101T-T038 iMOTION product image


TSSOP-38, Single Motor, Sensorless, hall switch / hall elements

Infineon IMC102T-F064 iMOTION product image


LQFP-64, Single Motor + PFC, Sensorless, hall switch / hall elements


  • Ready-to-use with any variable-speed drive 
  • High efficiency thanks to field-oriented control
  • Flexible configuration using iMOTION™ tools
  • Integrated control for boost and totem-pole PFC
  • Outstanding flexibility for positioning, current sensing and host interfaces
  • Supports the functional safety standard IEC 60335
  • Strong protection for power stages and motors


Discrete IGBTs

The 650 V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT 6 generation is optimized to meet the requirements on power electronics for low power motor drives and so for pumps and fans, such as short circuit rating, best thermal performance and lower switching losses especially in systems with switching frequencies up to 30 kHz.

With a higher blocking voltage at 650 V, and short circuit rating, TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT 6 is a key contributor to robust motor designs, available in TO-220 FullPAK @100 °C.

Product family Product name


Infineon Trenchstop product image

IKA08N65ET6 (7 A)

IKA10N65ET6 (9 A)

IKA15N65ET6 (11 A)


  • Good thermal performance, especially at higher frequencies
  • Low losses to meet energy efficiency requirements
  • Increased design margin and reliability
  • Leading price/performance




Gate Driver ICs

Infineon’s portfolio of gate driver ICs spans a variety of configurations, voltage classes, isolation levels, protection features and package options.

For pumps and fans, Infineon offers 600 V and 1200 V half-bridge gate driver ICs with level-shift SOI technology to control MOSFETs and/or IGBTs. Low-side gate drivers for the PFC supply stage are also available.

Product family Product name Parametrics

Level-shift gate driver IC




DSO-8, 600 V Blocking Voltage, 0.36 A Io, SOI Technology

DSO-28, 600 V Blocking Voltage, 0.375 A Io, SOI Technology

SSOP24, 1200 V Blocking Voltage, 2.0 A Io

Low-side gate driver for PFC


SOIC 8N, 25 V Blocking Voltage, 2.3 A Io


  • High power efficiency
  • Fast and reliable switching
  • Protection under abnormal conditions
  • Increased device reliability
  • Low-cost bootstrap power supply
  • BOM savings
  • Easy-to-use, straightforward design
  • Fast time-to-market​


Infineon Fans Pumps Rel links (GBLS)

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Further Information

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If you would like to learn more about motion control and how Infineon’s iMOTION™ controllers and CIPOS™ intelligent power modules can control the speed of electric motors, watch this on-demand webinar.

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