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IDT Renesas CPAP flow sensor Title (MT)

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CPAP flow sensor

IDT Renesas CPAP flow sensor (MM)

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Control motor speed for better accuracy

The Synergy S7 microcontroller and FS2012 flow sensor, together, control the speed of motors for better flow accuracy, provide closed-loop feedback with the air flow sensor to determine motor failure, and have a built-in LCD controller for expanded system features. This combination is ideal for CPAP and high speed fluid flow control systems. Power and timing devices are available to complete the solution.

Key features:

  • MEMS solid-state gas flow sensor
  • High speed acceleration and deceleration
  • LCD driver
  • Up to 640KB SRAM
  • Cloud connectivity via GPRS/3G

IDT Renesas CPAP flow sensor (LC)

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Block diagram

cpap diagram

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