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ON Semi Energy efficient battery management for IoT Title (MT)

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Energy efficient battery management for IoT

ON Semi Power Solutions Introduction

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With the advent of the Internet of Things, battery-powered devices are quickly becoming the norm in many connected applications.  ON Semiconductor offers unique solutions for the protection as LC05511xA, monitoring as LC709203F, and charging  as LC709511F of the battery-connected devices powering the Internet of Things.

LC05511XA - battery protection IC

LC05511XA is a protection IC for 1 cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery with built-in OTP. It provides highly accurate adjustable over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection with adjustable detection delay by OTP. Current is detected by high precision external chip resistor. Which realizes accurate current detection over temperature.


ON Semiconductor LV709203F teaser imageLC709203F - battery fuel gauge

LC709203F is a fuel gauge for a single lithium ion battery. It is part of our "Smart LiB Gauge" family of Fuel Gauges which measure the battery RSOC (Relative State Of Charge) using its unique algorithm called "HG-CVR". The "HG-CVR" algorithm eliminates the use of a sense resistor and provides accurate RSOC information even under unstable conditions (e.g. changes of battery; temperature, loading, aging and selfdischarge). An accurate RSOC contributes to the operating time of portable devices. LC709203F is available in two small packages realizing the industries smallest PCB footprint for the complete solution. It has minimal parameters to be set by the user enabling simple, quick setup and operation.


LC709511F - power bank controller

LC709511F is a Lithium ion switching charger controller for Power Bank. This device has all functions to control Power Bank application. It includes Type-C port control and Quick Charge 3.0 HVDCP. In addition this device applies 2.0 V or 2.7 V on USB data lines automatically for devices require the voltage. The built-in switching controller can output from 5 V up to 12 V for Quick Charge. The high power output for USB Type-C and Quick Charge is possible with appropriate external MOSFETs.



ON Semiconductor

Energy efficient IoT - from sensor to cloud

To design and deploy the most energy efficient IoT solutions, you need a wide array of industrial-grade options - from connectivity to sensing, control and power management solutions.

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