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Nexperia - ESD Protection

ESD protection from Nexperia is suited for the most common microcontroller interfaces for industrial applications.

Nexperia ESD Technology delivers optimum performance satisfying the key parameters for ESD protection. Superior ESD protection offers increased robustness against ESD and surge pulses, low clamping/ dynamic resistance to protect system devices and, finally, low capacitance to maintain excellent signal integrity in high-speed interfaces e.g. USB Type-C. 

Hence, Nexperia offers ideal solutions for every application in the industrial market.

What you get when you choose Nexperia for ESD protection:

  • Greater system-level immunity (IEC61000-4-2 level 4 standard and beyond)
  • Ultra-low clamping voltages, to safeguard even the latest, smallest geometries in SoC devices
  • Minimized impact on bus and interface signal integrity
  • Low leakage current, for maximum energy efficiency and minimum distortion on analog interfaces
  • Arrays that combine multiline protection in single devices
  • Packages that simplify PCB design for optimized layouts

3 corners of ESD protection: Robustness, signal integrity, signal protect

Prod Nexperia ESD Protection (DN)

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ESD Protection

Do you want to learn more about ESD Protection from Nexperia, the available solutions for serial buses, Ethernet, Wireless and more?

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