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Reliable and compact servo motor drives

Motor drives transform the control signal from the motion controller into electrical energy that is provided to servo motors. Newer intelligent motor drives can close the position and velocity loops internally leading to a more accurate and more powerful motor control. 

Infineon’s chip and integration technology enables the motor drives to leave the external cabinet and connect directly to the motors within each individual axis of the robot. Instead of having 3-phase supplies for individual motors only a common DC-bus connection is required. By also integrating a power line communication solution, even a separate communication bus could be avoided. 

Within a moving robot-arm the wiring efforts can be reduced from 27+ down to two.

Below we would like to recommend the Infineon components for an efficient compact servo motor drive:


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Purpose Technology / Product family Product Features / benefits
Motor inverter power switches CoolMOS™ CFD2 650 V IPD65R950CFD
  • Low switching losses due to low Qrr at repetitive commutation on body diode
  • Self limiting di/dt and dv/dt
  • Outstanding CoolMOS™ quality
Trenchstop™ 5 IGBT 650 V IKB40N65ES5
  • Highest power density 650V IGBT in D2Pak footprint
  • Upgrade of the available designs for higher power output
  • Less device paralleling
  • Automated assembly, lower assembly cost
Trenchstop™ 2 IGBT 1200 V IKQ75N120CT2
  • Higher system power density – Ic increase keeping the same system thermal performance
  • Lower thermal resistance Rth(jh) and improved by ~15% heat dissipation capability of TO-247PLUS vs TO-247
  • Higher reliability, extended lifetime of the device
Motor inverter Gate Drivers Half Bridge Driver IC

IR2214SS 1200 V


  • Soft over-current shutdown
  • Synchronization signal to synchronize shutdown with the other phases
  • Integrated desaturation detection circuit
EICEDriver™ 1EDI 1EDI20H12AH
  • Galvanically isolated coreless transformer driver
  • Single channel isolated high-voltage gate driver IC
  • Input to output isolation voltage up to 1200 V
  • For high voltage power MOSFETs and IGBTs
Controller iMOTION™ Integrated Motor Control / IMC 100 series IMC101T-T038
  • Field proven Motion Control Engine (MCE 2.0)
  • Ready-to-use for any variable speed drive 
  • High efficiency using Field Oriented Control
  • Flexible Configuration via iMOTION™ tools
  • Highest Flexibility on position/ current sensing and host interfaces
32-bit XMC4000 Industrial Microcontroller ARM® Cortex®-M4



  • ARM® Cortex®-M4 with floating point unit (FPU), single-cycle DSP MAC, 80-144MHz CPU frequency
  • Up to 2MB embedded Flash with 22ns access time and error correction unit
  • Up to 352kB embedded RAM
  • EtherCAT ® node
Position / current sensing TLE5309 Angle sensor, Analog I/F TLE5309D E1211
  • Separate supply pins for AMR and GMR sensor
  • Diverse redundant design with one GMR sensor (top die) and one AMR sensor (bottom die) in one package
  • Low current consumption and very fast start up
  • 360° contactless angle measurement
Hall Switch sensor
  • Designed specifically for highly accurate applications with superior supply voltage capability
  • 3.0 V to 32 V operating supply voltage
  • Operation from unregulated power supply


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