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Each robot system needs to be protected against collisions with any kind of (dynamic) obstacles which could be humans, other robots or even handling material. Especially for safety measures capturing the environment with sensors that provide the required information to execute a proper operation is an important feature. Moreover, in the industrial and automation world, machines need controllers and voltage regulators with inbuilt safety functions such as Lockstep cores with clock delay, redundant/diverse timers, error Monitoring, and safe state control, just to name a few.

Please check out what Infineon offers in terms of safe motion control:

Purpose Technology / Product family Product Features / benefits
Controller 32-bit TriCore™ Microcontroller / AURIX™ Family TC29xT
  • Triple TriCore™ with up to 300MHz
  • Diverse Lockstep architecture to reduced development effort for ISO 26262 systems
  • High integration for reduced complexity and significant cost savings
  • Delta-Sigma analog-to-digital converters for fast and accurate measurements
Sensors Angle sensor, Analog I/F,
TLE5009 family
TLE5009 E2010
  • 3V to 5.5V operating supply voltage
  • Low current consumption and very quick start up
  • Overvoltage detection
Voltage Regulators DC/DC Voltage Regulator TLF35584QKVS2
  • Efficiency and flexibility
  • Documentation set enables ASIL-D on system level
  • Easy ISO26262 implementation by full
Linear Voltage Regulator TLS115B0EJ
  • Protected sensor supply for off-board sensors
  • High-precision voltage tracking
  • Precision voltage replication


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