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Highly efficient power supplies & chargers

The power supply of the robot provides energy for all the robot actions. The big challenge in this area is that the robots have often many axes requiring multiple power supplies operating in parallel providing different voltages.  
Next to supplying DC voltage for the commonly shared DC bus, rectifier stages have to generate different auxiliary supply voltages for controls, drives, brakes, and other components. Therefore the central rectifier power must exceed the nominal power consumption of all components in use. 
The main difference between an AGV charger system and one for regular electric vehicles lies in the power classes used which is way smaller for AGVs and lies in the range of several kW. 
The most general overview on a charger system can be seen in the block diagram below.

It consists of 3 main parts which are:

Input stage > DC/Dc stage > optional voltage
Please see following an extract of Infineon components for efficient compact power supplies and chargers as of today:

Purpose Technology / Product family Product Features / benefits
Isolated HV DC/DC stage Power Switches CoolMOS™ CFD7 600 V IPW60R055CFD7
  • Best-in-class hard commutation ruggedness
  • Highest reliability for resonant topologies
  • Highest efficiency with outstanding ease-of-use/performance trade-off
  • Even suitable as PFC power switches
PFC Power Switches CoolMOS™ P7 600 V



  • Suitable for hard and soft switching (PFC and LLC)
  • Ease-of-use and fast design-in through low ringing tendency and usage across PFC and PWM stages
  • Simplified thermal management due to low switching and conduction losses
CoolMOS™ C7 Gold 600 V IPT60R125G7
  • FOM RDS(on) x QG is 16 percent better than previous 600 V C7 enabling higher efficiency
  • Power density through best-in-class 28 mΩ in TOLL 115 mm² footprint
  • Reducing parasitic source inductance by Kelvin source improves efficiency and ease-of-use
PFC Gate Driver EICEDriver™ 1EDI



  • Single channel isolated driver
  • Input to output isolation voltage up to 1200 V
  • For high voltage power MOSFETs and IGBTs


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