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Solutions for industrial robots from Infineon

Achieve greater productivity and optimize costs with industrial robotic solutions

When there is a non-standard working environment, dealing with many different materials, shapes or specific processes, automation is complex to implement and can be difficult to justify from economical point of view, therefore the work is done manually.

Nonstandard production processes or complex assembly routes are the reason why robots are becoming smart now. Easy to use, flexible in handling, sensitive to the working environment and quickly learning on tasks! The robots not only increase their functionality diversity, but also become easier to operate.

With development of new advanced electronic components for e.g. power supply, motion control and sensing, the world of robotic solutions is facing major changes in form of a faster hardware upgrade and creation of differentiated software algorithms. 

Whether in an industrial robot, a cobot or an automated guided vehicle (AGV), intelligent semiconductors are the key enabler for all major robotic functions, from sensing and motion control to functional safety and security. Infineon’s comprehensive product portfolio provides highly efficient solutions to meet the demand of a modern robot system. This makes Infineon your one-stop shop for robotic solutions.

A few of them will be highlighted in the following sections.

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