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Teledyne e2v EV12AD550 Title (MT)

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Teledyne e2v EV12AD550

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Teledyne e2v EV12AD550 - the first dual channel S-band space ADC

The EV12AD550A is the first ever dual channel, S-band capable, space grade ADC designed to offer system simplification and cost reduction in space applications. This dual channel 1.5GSps ADC supports high dynamic range at 4.5GHz and performs direct digitization at S-band, Synthetic Aperture Radar systems can operate this ADC at 5.5GHz.

S-band direct digitization can remove as many as three down conversion stages in the signal processing system. Sending just 1kg into Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO) can cost up to $40k, reducing system Size, Weight and Power-Cost (SWaP-C) consumption is critical.

The EV12AD550A is also the first dual-channel S-band capable ADC to feature chain synchronization for electronic steering, offering full flexibility in antenna array and digital beamforming systems, perfect for modern satellite systems.


  • Electronically steered antenna arrays and beamforming systems
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar systems
  • Satcom Payloads

Block diagram

Teledyne e2v EV12AD550 DEMUX 1:1 block diagramTeledyne e2v EV12AD550 DEMUX 1:2 block diagram

Teledyne e2v EV12AD550 product image

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