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ROHM KX224-1053

ROHM KX224-1053 – high-g, high-frequency, 3-axis accelerometer

The KX224-1053 is a tri-axis +/-8g, +/-16g or +/-32g silicon micromachined accelerometer with integrated 2048 byte buffer, orientation, tap/double tap, activity detecting, and Free fall algorithms. The sense element is fabricated using Kionix’s proprietary plasma micromachining process technology. Acceleration sensing is based on the principle of a differential capacitance arising from acceleration-induced motion of the sense element, which further utilizes common mode cancellation to decrease errors from process variation, temperature, and environmental stress. The sense element is hermetically sealed at the wafer level by bonding a second silicon lid wafer to the device using a glass frit. A separate ASIC device packaged with the sense element provides signal conditioning, and intelligent user-programmable application algorithms. The accelerometer is delivered in a 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm LGA plastic package operating from a 1.71 – 3.6V DC supply. Voltage regulators are used to maintain constant internal operating voltages over the range of input supply voltages. This results in stable operating characteristics over the range of input supply voltages. I2C or SPI digital protocol is used to communicate with the chip to configure and check for updates to the orientation, Directional TapTM detection, Free fall detection and activity monitoring algorithms.

Features & benefits

  • User selectable ±8 ±16 ±32g full scale range
  • Frequency response up to 6kHz
  • User-selectable Output Data Rate from 0.78Hz to 25.6kHz
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Extra-large embedded 2048 byte FIFO/FILO buffer
  • Small Footprint
  • Digital High-Pass Filter Outputs
  • Enhanced integrated Free fall, Directional Tap/Double-Tap™, and Device-orientation Algorithms
  • User-configurable wake-up function
  • Excellent Temperature Performance
  • High Shock Survivability (10,000g)


  • Motion detection for general purpose industrial application
  • Motor monitoring
  • Failure prediction tags
  • Precise vibration measurement
  • Motion-activated functions and user interfaces
  • Tap/double-tap and device orientation recognition
  • Free-fall detection

Block diagram

ROHM KX224 block diagram

ROHM KX224 sample image