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ON Semiconductor LC717A30UJ Title (MT)

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ON Semiconductor LC717A30UJ

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ON Semiconductor LC717A30UJ

LC717A30UJ is a high performance, low cost, and highly usable capacitance converter for electrostatic capacitive touch, proximity sensors and liquid level sensing. 8 capacitance-sensing input channels ideal for use in any end products that needs an array of switches. The LC717A30J facilitates a short system development time through its automatic calibration function and minimal external components. The detection result (ON/OFF) for each sensor is read out by the serial interface (I2C or SPI).


  • Differential capacitive detection using mutual capacitance
  • Operates with small to large capacitance sensor input pads
  • Capacitance detection down to femto-Farad level
  • Measurement time 16 ms for 8 sensors
  • Minimal external components
  • Selectable interface : I²C or SPI
  • Current consumption : 0.8 mA (VDD = 5.5 V)
  • Supply voltage : 2.6 V to 5.5 V
  • AEC-Q100 qualified and PPAP capable


  • Automotive : Smart key, Control switches, Car audio, Proximity
  • Consumer : Home Appliance, White goods, Induction Cooking
  • Industrial : Security lock
  • Computing : PC Peripherals, Audio Visual equipment
  • Lighting : Remote control switches

Evaluation Kit available: LC717A30UJGEVK

Demonstrate many applications including liquid level sensing

Block Diagram