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NXP S32K144 - new mass market S32K automotive ARM CORTEX MCU family

The NXP® S32K product series of 32-bit automotive microcontrollers provides a highly integrated, low-power, safe and secure single-chip solution. The combination of fast CPU with flexible low-power modes and the low-leakage technology process will not force any compromises on performance relative to low-power. Our combined Cortex® M0+ and M4-based automotive MCU offerings span a broad memory space and include package options from 8 K to 2 MByte with 16 to 176 pins initially.

The ARM® Cortex M4 core architecture includes an IEEE-754 compliant single precision Floating Point Unit (FPU) with DSP functions unleashing the full potential of model-based design flows. On the connectivity side, S32K supports CAN Flexible Data-rate (CAN-FD) as well as the new FlexIO configurable peripheral, allowing customers to implement future communication protocols that have not been invented yet as well as expand channels to existing on-chip hardware protocol controllers.

The security modules protect ECUs against various attack scenarios and ensures system integrity. S32K microcontrollers are designed according to ISO26262 and bring the SafeAssure® functional safety program throughout the portfolio. The new S32K144 comes with a M4F core, 64-112MHz, ISO CAN-FD, 64-100pin, 512k Flash, 64k RAM, Low Power and Security.

Key features

  • Superior Performance
    • High speed ARM Cortex-M4F CPU with DSP functionality
    • IEEE-754 HW floating point unit without SW overhead
    • Harvard architecture accelerates data handling
    • 16 bit instruction set (THUMB 2) → ~31% reduced memory usage
    • Combined D/I cache for direct execution
    • Concurrent, low latency bus accesses over crossbar
    • Parallel DMA operation
    • Dedicated EEPROM to support read while write
    • 100Mbit/s Ethernet
    • IEEE 1588 Time Stamping
  • Highest Energy Efficiency
    • Low leakage technology (C90TFS)
    • Multiple low power modes
    • Internal oscillators e.g. 48MHz 1.3%
    • Best in class STOP current: 25-40μA (device dependent)
  • Future Proof Features
    • CAN with Flexible Data rate (FD) option according to ISO/CD 11898-1
    • HW motor control support (BLDC/PMSM)
    • ISO26262 compliance (ASIL-B)
    • Communication protocol emulation module (FlexIO)
    • Cryptographic Services Engine (CSE) –SHE+ compliant


  • Motor Control  
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor 
  • Climate Control
  • Park Assist
  • Lighting
  • Wireless Charging

Block diagram

NXP S32K144 block diagram

NXP S32K144 product image

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