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NXP FS6500

NXP FS6500 - fail silent system basis chip with DC/DC up to 2.2A on Vcore

The NXP FS6500 system basis chip (SBC) provides power to MCUs and optimizes energy consumption through DC/DC switching regulators, linear regulators and ultra-low-power saving modes. Featuring:

  • Advanced functional safety measures
  • A serial peripheral interface (SPI) to allow control and diagnostics with the MCU
  • Integration of CAN FD and LIN physical interfaces compliant with the ISO 11898-2,-5, LIN 2.2, 2.1/J2602-2 standards along with the latest automotive OEM standards for EMC and ESD
  • A range of integrated safety features such as monitoring of critical analog parameters, a failsafe state machine and an advanced watchdog reduce software complexity with dual-core lock-step MCUs.

Differentiating points

  • Efficient Dual DC/DC supply, from 0.5A up to 2.2A; Buck pre regulator with optional Boost to fit with LV124
  • Configurable Safety architecture allowing independent monitoring of critical parameters and system availability; Independent fail safe state machine supporting highest functional safety standards
  • CAN FD and CAN-Less family of products supporting a wide range of system scalable solutions.
  • System integration: Analog Multiplexer, battery sensing, long duration timer and keep alive memory supply to reduce BOM
  • Availability: voltage operation from 2.7V up to 36V
  • Ultra Low Power Modes (30µA), -50% versus competition
  • High-temperature capability up to TA = 150 °C and TJ = 175 °C, compliant with AECQ100 Grade 0 automotive qualification


  • Electrical power steering, engine/battery management
  • Active suspension, gear box, transmission
  • EV, HEV, inverter, ADAS
  • Automation (PLC, robotics), medical (infusion pump, stairs)
  • Building control (lift), transportation (military, mobile machine)

Block diagram

NXP FS6500 block diagram


NXP FS6500 product image

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