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Driving Efficiency Takes Pole Position

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Nexperia - automotive efficiency wins

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Automotive insights

Autonomous driving and electrification are changing the rules of the road. To keep up requires not just understanding how these new systems are changing the way we drive, but staying up to date with the latest developments. Nexperia is doing the same, and shares some of their insights.

Why Nexperia for automotive?

  • AEC-Q100/Q101 as standard
    All our dedicated automotive discrete, MOSFET, logic and ESD protection devices are fully automotive qualified. Our rigorous attention to detail and commitment to automotive quality yields sub-part-per-million (sub-ppm) failure rates.
  • Committed to supply
    Our energy- and design-efficient products are backed up by our own dedicated manufacturing facilities along with industry leading, proven supply chains that meet the long-term volume needs of the automotive industry.
  • Innovating for electrification
    Along with traditional powertrain, chassis and body electronics our product and package innovation supports new and future system designs, from wireless car safety all the way through to electric vehicles.

Nexperia Driving Efficiency Content 2 (LC)

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Industry insights: Jürgen Schachtschneider

Less than 50 years ago there were virtually no electronics in the car. Today you will find electronic systems connected up in every free slot, enabling features such as autonomous driving and the electrification of the powertrain. Nexperia’s Jürgen Schachtschneider talks about what that means for the automotive industry:


Nexperia Driving Efficiency Product Categories (Table)

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Product categories
Automotive bipolar transistors Maintaining a strong position in bipolar transistors
Automotive diodes Always meeting the growing demands of a highly competitive marketplace.
Automotive ESD protection & TVS Offering increased system robustness, our IVN bus line protection solutions make a popular and reliable choice.
Automotive MOSFETs The world's largest portfolio of AEC-Q101 qualified power MOSFETs
Automotive Logic Choose from a large range of AEC-Q100 qualified logic products that meet the challenging requirements of automotive applications

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Nexperia Driving Efficiency Solutions (GBL)

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Automotive Applications

For DC/DC conversion in automotive applications, using a dedicated Schottky rather than relying on the body diode of the MOSFET ensures high efficiency performance especially in higher power situations.

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