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Maxim - MAXREFDES82# reference design

Maxim MAXREFDES82 content (MM)

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MAXREFDES82# - smart force sensor

The MAXREFDES82 reference design is an industrial, smart force sensor. The design measures mass, as well as the center of mass of the object on it. This combination of features and speed means that MAXREFDES82# operates as both a weigh scale and a touch interface with force sensing. Built with a plastic plate, the system ideally meets the needs of industrial human machine interfaces (HMI).

The reference design features the MAX11254 24-bit, 6-channel, 64ksps delta-sigma ADC with SPI interface. Four load cells are mounted on a quadrant plane to detect touch forces applied on the flat plastic plate. Based on the forces applied on each individual load cell, the system displays the total force magnitude, and the coordinates of the force center. The force magnitude and coordinates are scanned approximately each 10 milliseconds.

The system includes a thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) module, digitally showing the forces on each individual load cell, and the total force applied on the top plate. The LCD module also graphically displays the force magnitude and the coordinates of the force center.

The MAXREFDES82# reference design consumes minimal energy and is powered by a USB port. A PC-side graphical user interface (GUI) program is also included to facilitate the human interface input demonstration and development.

Key features

  • 3D Human Interface Input
  • High Precision Weigh Scale
  • Low Power ADC
  • Compact
  • Competitive Advanta
MAXREFDES82# System Board

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