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Maxim - MAXREFDES130# board

Maxim MAXREFDES130 Content (MM)

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MAXREFDES130# - building automation shield

MAXREFDES130# is an Arduino® form-factor shield compatible with ARM® mbed™ and Arduino platforms providing a complete reference for prototyping your next building automation design. This design includes eight 0VDC-10VDC analog outputs, one 4-20mA output, one 4-20mA input, eight nonlatching relays, three latching relays, an RTC, and 1-Wire® master. The MAXREFDES130# works well with one or more of the MAXREFDES131#, the 1-Wire®, Grid EYE® sensor, to make a complete building automation solution.

Key features

  • Analog IO
    • Eight OVDC-10VDC outputs
    • One 4-20mA Output
    • One 4-20mA Input
  • Arduino compatible
  • ARM mbed compatible
  • AC load switching
  • Latching relays for thermostat control
  • RTC Competitive Advantag
MAXREFDES130# System Board

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