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Maxim - MAXREDES117# reference design

Maxim MAXREDES117 content (MM)

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MAXREFDES117# heart-rate & pule-oximetry monitor

MAXREFDES117# delivers the promise of wearable devices to all developers. This unique design measures both heart rate and pulse oximetry. It features the MAX30102 with integrated red and IR LEDs for heart-rate and SpO2 detection. This configuration ideally detects heart rate and pulse ox on a person’s fingertip, earlobe, or other fleshy extremity. The small board size of 12.7mm x 12.7mm (0.5in x 0.5in) is ideal for wearable applications and may be stitched into fabric for immediate prototyping. Firmware is available for both Arduino and mbed platforms, enabling users to develop with virtually any platform. User needs to provide a 2V to 5.5V supply at the power input, perfect for virtually any battery or Arduino and mbed form-factor board.

The MAXREFDES117# design utilizes the heart-rate/SpO2 sensor (MAX30102), an efficient, low-power step-down converter (MAX1921), and an accurate level translator (MAX14595). The entire design typically operates at less than 5.5mW when using with the example firmware

Key features

  • Optical Heart-Rate Monitor and Pulse Oximetry Solution
  • Tiny 12.7mm x 12.7mm (0.5in x 0.5in)
  • Board Size
  • Low Power
  • Device Drivers
  • Free Algorithm
  • Example C Source Code For Arduino And mbed Platforms
  • Test Data
Maxim Integrated MAXREFDES117# product image

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