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ISSI DDR3 SDRAM with embedded Error Correcting Code (ECC)

The 1Gbit DDR3 device is the IS46TR16640ED, which is organized as 64Mbx16, packaged in a 96-ball BGA, and operates at 1.5V. ISSI is also offering IS46TR81280ED, which is organized as 128Mbx8, packaged in a 78-ball BGA, and operates at 1.5V. Both are available in three automotive temperature grade options: A1, which operates over -40C to +95C; A2, which operates over -40C to +105C; and A3, which operates over -40C to +125C. This adds to the DDR3 SDRAM product family, and ISSI’s extensive selection of DRAMs.

Just as ISSI is doing with its other DRAM products, ISSI is able to provide the long lifecycles and stable supply required by customer applications in Automotive, Industrial, and other high-reliability market segments. The DDR3 ECC device is part of a growing range of technologies with embedded ECC from ISSI, which includes SRAM and SPI NOR Flash, all built in to meet the stringent quality requirements of Automotive and Industrial customers.

ISSI DDR3 features

  • Operating voltage of 1.5V
  • Bidirectional differential data strobe
  • Burst length of 8
  • Programmable CAS Latency
  • Auto-Refresh and Self-Refresh Modes
  • OCD (Driver Adjustment)
  • ODT (On Die Termination) supported
  • Write Leveling
  • Packages: 96-ball BGA for x16, 78-ball BGA for x8
  • Long-term support

ECC features

  • 1 bit error detect and correct (per 64-bits)
  • No algorithm or additional I/O required
  • Saves board space
  • Reduction of error rate
  • Supports up to 125°C operating temperature
ISSI DDR3 SDRAM sample image

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