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Infineon TLS115xx

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Infineon TLS115xx  - high performance sensor supply IC

The TLS115xx is a monolithic integrated low-dropout voltage tracking regulator with high accuracy in small DSO-8 exposed pad and TSON-10 packages. The IC is designed to supply off-board systems, for example sensors in powertrain management systems under the severe conditions of automotive applications. Therefore, the IC is equipped with additional protection functions against reverse polarity and short circuit to GND and battery.

With supply voltages up to 45 V, the output voltage follows the reference voltage applied at the adjust input with very high accuracy. The reference voltage applied to the adjust input can be down to 2.0 V and output is able to drive loads up to 150 mA while the device follows the reference voltage (e.g. the 5 V output of a main voltage regulator) with very high precision.

Key features

  • Designed for automotive at 150°C
  • Short to GND and VBatt protected
  • High accuracy tracking
  • Overrvoltage and undervoltage monitor

Key benefits

  • Reliable protection for ECU/sensor
  • Easy and accurate voltage replication
  • High flexibility/scalability
  • Lower design effort - design cost saving


  • Automotive sensor supply
  • Protected sensor supply for off-board sensors
  • Secondary voltage supply in automotive ECU
  • High-precision voltage replication
  • Power switch for off-board load
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