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Infineon sensor solutions

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Innovative sensor solutions from Infineon

Sensors have never been more important than in our present connected world. But demands on sensor designs continue to increase. For example, devices like autonomous multicopters and fitness monitoring wearables, as well as indoor and outdoor navigation, require the high-accuracy sensing of static and/or dynamic air pressure. As these applications are typically found in battery-operated devices, it is also essential to combine this accuracy with optimized low-power operation and reliability across a range of operating conditions.

New capacitive sensor technologies are enabling engineers to create accurate, miniaturized devices that satisfy demanding energy constraints and address reliability challenges. Infineon’s broad range of sensor products meets these challenges and more.


Infineon’s innovative 3D magnetic sensor for industrial and consumer applications offers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption in a compact TSOP 6-pin package. 
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Infineon TLV493DA1B product image
Highly robust, easy-to-use mono-Hall speed sensor with twist-independent mounting is designed to provide an easy-to-use, robust and cost-effective solution for vehicle or industrial speed sensing applications. 
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    Infineon TLE4922 series
Miniaturized digital barometric air pressure sensor with a high accuracy level and low current consumption.
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   Infineon DPS310 product image

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