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Infineon motor control - industrial robotics

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Motor control for industrial robotics

Size reduction, power density, the highest level of integration as well as safety management in collaborative and non-collaborative environments are the values Infineon’s dedicated products offer for superb motor control solutions and applications for industrial robotics.

Value added to your industrial robotics application with Infineon‘s solutions:
Size reduction of the control box
Wide portfolio of highly efficient, integrated and discrete solutions leading to a more compact size of the robot's servo converter and its control box
Managing safety in collaborative and non-collaborative environments
Infineon's torque sensors are able to detect position and prevent from contact and clamping situations in collaborative environments.
Control box efficiency
Integrated solutions offer best-in-class technology for low switching and conduction losses leading to the most efficient converter designs
All topologies of robots can be addressed
Wide range of switching solutions addresses all topologies of drives regardless of a robot's payload and its number of axes – making it suitable for simple one-axis as well as for complex, collaborative robot designs
Securing intellectual property in times of the IoT
OPTIGA™ – Security solutions prevent our customers from unexpected line-down due to unsecured firmware updates or counterfeiting materials (brand protection) and provide encrypted communication in times of increased connectivity (IoT, Industry 4.0)

Product portfolio for motor control solutions in industrial robotics applications

Product Recommendation (buy online) Description
IGBT modules FP15R12W1T4
High power density 
Save space in the switch cabinet 
IPMs (low power up to ~2 kW) IKCM20L60GAXKMA1
Compact converter size due to high integration, high power density
Smart high side switch - PROFET™  ITS4100S-SJ-N Robustness including diagnosis and protection
OptiMOS™ 30 V – 300 V BSC057N08NS3 G 

Highest system efficiency, best-in-class performance (industry’s lowest RDS(on))

XMC4000 microcontroller family XMC4800-F144K1536 AA Precise motor control and current sensing, realization of precise position measurement
EiceDRIVER™ IC with coreless transformer technology  6EDL04N02PR
Small system design 
High power density, excellent position accuracy
Angle sensors TLE5009 E2010 
TLE5012B E1000 
TLE5309D E1211
TLE5309D E2211
Rotor position sensing 
Highest accuracy, dual die concept redundancy in signal generation fulfilling highest safety standards
Hall latches TLE4961-2M
Rotor position sensing 
Small system design
Linear hall sensors TLE4998P3 Torque sensing 
Dual die concept - redundancy in signal generation fulfilling highest safety standards, High accuracy over whole temperature range


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