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Ampleon BLS9G2934L-400 Title (MT)

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Ampleon BLS9G2934L-400

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Ampleon BLS9G2934L(S)-400 transistor and BPS9G2934X-400 pallet solutions

Ampleon introduces a complete line-up of RF power transistors and pallets based on the latest high power Generation 9 LDMOS process technology optimized for S band.

Available power levels include 50 watts driver upto 450 watts finals.

Aimed at a broad range of S band radar bands for pulsed RF applications, the enhanced power density attributes of Gen 9 LDMOS meets the specific needs of the aerospace and defence industry for size, weight, power, plus cost and reliability or SWaP – CR.

The 9th Generation LDMOS is a mature technology with excellent ruggedness characteristics coupled with a high efficiency.

The high power density aspects of Gen 9 and optimized die design also ensure that package size can be kept as small as possible, this helping to reduce the overall PA size, a factor increasingly important in today’s space constrained designs.

The modular RF power block pallet solutions provide a perfect combination of known good design, trusted and proven technology together with a low price-point that result in savings both in terms of development costs and manufacturing lead times and cost savings. 

In addition, the modular approach ensures a high level of product consistency. Facilitating quicker design cycles that result in faster time to market, multiple pallets can be combined to deliver higher power solutions.

Ampleon BLS9G2934LS-400 product imageBLS9G2934L(S)-400 transistor and BPS9G2934X-400 pallet solutions uses industry proven Generation 9 LDMOS technology, optimized for SWaP (Size, Weight & Power) while providing lowest cost and highest reliability. The BPS9G2934X-400 pallet delivers 400 watt of power in a compact module with physical dimension of 3.5 x 5.5 cm and weighs less than 85 grams.
Also available is a 50 watt broadband driver, BLS9G2735L(S)-50 optimized for the complete S band

Block diagram

Ampleon BLS9G2934L-400 block diagram

Ampleon BLS9G2934L-400 embedded on board