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TD next TD1207r

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TD next TD1207r - very low consumption & low-cost time-to-market modem

TD next’s TD1207R devices are high performance, low current SIGFOX™ gateways.The combination of a powerful radio transceiver and a state-of-the-art ARM Cortex M3 baseband processor achieves extremely high performance while maintaining ultra-low active and standby current consumption.

The TD1207R device offers an outstanding RF sensitivity of –126 dBm while providing an exceptional output power of up to +16 dBm with unmatched TX efficiency. The TD1207R device versatility provides the gateway function from a local Narrow Band ISM network to the long-distance Ultra Narrow Band SIGFOX™ network at no additional cost.

The broad range of analog and digital interfaces available in the TD1207R module allows any application to interconnect easily to the SIGFOX™ network. The LVTTL low-energy UART, the I2C bus, the multiple timers with pulse count input / PWM output capabilities, the high-resolution / high-speed ADC and DAC, along with the numerous GPIOs can control any kind of external sensors or activators.

Featuring an AES encryption engine and a DMA controller, the powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 baseband processor can implement highly complex and secure protocols in an efficient environmental and very low consumption way. 


  • SDK
  • 2.3V to 3.3V Power supply
  • 1.8 µA sleep mode consumption
  • LGA25 (25.4×12.7×3.81mm) Land Grid Array package with castellated pads
  • High CAF Resistance
  • SIGFOX™ transceiver certified
  • 145dB maximum link budget


  • SIGFOX™ transceiver (fully certified)
  • Sensor network
  • Health monitors
  • Remote control
  • Home security and alarm
  • Telemetry
  • Industrial control

Block diagram

TD next TD1207r block diagram

TD next TD1207r teaser image