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TD next TD1205p

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TD next TD1205p - high-end module for faster and easier geolocation

This high-end module is a compact state-of-the-art geolocation engine featuring Sigfox connectivity, GNSS, 3-axis accelerometer, Hall effect, antennas etc.. Highly programmable with TD next's free SDK, the TD1205P is the most integrated and lowest-power engine for most battery-operated Sigfox objects, including yours.

TD1205P Tracker module feature the SIGFOX™ high efficiency Gateway which offer high interference immunity performances on ISM band. It includes GNSS, Accelerometer and Hall-Effect sensors in order to provide a high efficiency tracking solution in 30x28x10.5mm size including antennas.

The TD1205P device offers an outstanding RF sensitivity of –126 dBm while providing an exceptional output power of up to +16dBm radiated output power with only 50mA consumption.

Featuring an AES encryption engine and a DMA controller, the powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 baseband processor can implement highly complex and secure protocols in an efficient environmental and very low consumption way.


  • SIGFOX™ transceiver certified
  • 145 dB maximum link budget
  • (G)FSK, 4(G)FSK, GMSK, OOK modulation
  • Receive sensitivity =-126 dBm
  • +16 dBm maximum radiated output power
  • Frequency range = ISM 868 MHz
  • Low active radio power consumption (3.3V)
    • 13/16 mA RX
    • 50mA Tx @ +16 dBm


  • SIGFOX™ transceiver (fully certified)
  • Sensor network
  • Health monitors
  • Remote control
  • Home security and alarm
  • Telemetry
  • Industrial control
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