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Seoul 3020 series

Seoul 3020 Series Content (MM)

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Seoul 3020 series - achieving the best system cost in mid-power

The 3020 LEDs feature the same high brightness and high-efficacy as the industry standard 5630 package, but in a reduced footprint and lower profile for dense placement and more condensed light output. The White Colored surface-mount LED come in standard package dimension - Package Size : 3.0x2.0x0.6mm. It has a substrate made up of a molded plastic reflector sitting on top of a lead frame. The die is attached within the reflector cavity and the cavity is encapsulated by silicone. 

Features & benefits​

  • Operation power is by 0.3W
  • Small size enables this PKG to be applied to a variety of applications
Image of Seoul's 3020 series sample