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Microchip MH1RT

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Microchip MH1RT – ideal for system level integration

The MH1RT Gate Array and Embedded Array families from Microchip are fabricated on a radiation hardened 0.35 micron CMOS process, with up to 4 levels of metal for interconnect. This family features arrays with up to 1.6 million routable gates and 596 pads. The high density and high pin count capabilities of the MH1RT family, coupled with the ability to embed cores or memories on the same silicon, make the MH1RT series of arrays one of the best choices for System Level Integration.
The MH1RT series is supported by an advanced software environment based on industry standards linking proprietary and commercial tools. Verilog®, DFT®, Synopsys® and Vital are the reference front end tools. The Cadence® ‘Logic Design Planner’ floor planning associated with timing driven layout provides an efficient back end cycle.
The MH1RT series comes as a dual use of the MH1 series, adding:

  • through process changes, the latch-up susceptibility better than 80 MeV/mg/cm2 and the 300 Krad (Si) radiation level as required by most space programs.
  • through cells relayout, an SEU built-in protection allowing to SEU harden only where it is necessary with respect to function requirements

With a background of 15 years of experience, the MH1RT series comes as the Microchip 7th generation of ASIC series designed for radiation hardened applications.

Key features

  • Up to 1.6M Used Gates and 596 Pads with 3.3V, 3V and 2.5V Libraries
  • High Speed - 170 ps Gate Delay - 2 Input NAND, FO = 2 (nominal)
  • System Level Integration Technology Cores on Request
  • Memories: SRAM and TPRAM, Gate Level or Embedded, with EDAC
  • I/O Interfaces:
    • 5V Tolerant/Compliant (S) or 3V (R) Matrix Options
    • CMOS, LVTTL, LVDS, PCI, USB, etc.
    • Output Currents Programmable from 2 to 24 mA, by Step of 2 mA
    • Cold Sparing Buffers (2 µA Max. Leakage Current at 3.6V Worst Case Mil Temp.)
  • 250 MHz PLL (on request), 220 MHz LVDS and 800 MHz Max. Toggle Frequency at 3.3V
  • Deep Submicron CAD Flow